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Call Me Madam (U)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

Sally Adams, a well-meaning but ill-informed socialite widow who is appointed United States Ambassador to the fictional European country of Lichtenburg, charms the local gentry, especially Cosmo Constantine, while her press attaché Kenneth Gibson falls in love with Princess Maria. A comedy satire. 

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Wednesday 18 Oct 201714:00
Film 1: Blue Velvet image

Film 1: Blue Velvet (18)

David Lynch’s hallucinogenic masterpiece probes beneath the surface of suburban America to find violence, corruption, drug abuse and perversion.

When Jeffrey Beaumont takes a severed ear to the police he is shocked by their indifference. Deciding to investigate himself, he is drawn into the town’s murky underbelly.

"Shocking, visionary, rapturously controlled, its images of innocence and a dark, bruising sexuality drop straight into our unconscious where they rest like depth charges."

LA Times

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Wednesday 18 Oct 201718:30
Saturday 21 Oct 201714:00
Film 2: Wild at Heart image

Film 2: Wild at Heart (18)

Based on Barry Clifford’s novel of the same name. Sailor Ripley (Cage) and Lula Pace (Dern), a young couple from Cape Fear, North Carolina, find themselves on the run from Lula’s domineering mother and the gangsters she hired to kill Sailor

“Joltingly violent, wickedly funny and rivetingly erotic” - Variety

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Wednesday 18 Oct 201720:45
Saturday 21 Oct 201716:20
The Secret Life of Pets image

The Secret Life of Pets (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

The quiet life of a terrier named Max is upended when his owner takes in Duke, a stray whom Max instantly dislikes.

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Saturday 21 Oct 201711:30
INXS: Live Baby Live image

INXS: Live Baby Live

In celebration of INXS’s 40th birthday #INXS40 and the 30th anniversary of the KICK album, this is a live recording of their 1991 concert at Wembley Stadium in front of over 72,000 adoring fans.

Digitally remastered in 5.1 surround sound, this screening will be the best way to relive the event or experience the magic for the first time. Filmed with 16 of the most high-tech cameras available, including one in a helicopter. This concert is Michael Hutchence and the rest of INXS in their prime, performing all of the best-loved hits. An event not to be missed for any 80/90s music fans.

Screened in conjunction with the London Australian Film Society & OZ Film Festival. The team are in talks to have a special guest introduce the screening.

Come wearing your favourite INXS shirt for a chance to win one of 10 door prizes.

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Sunday 22 Oct 201715:00
Film 1: Ferris Bueller's Day Off image

Film 1: Ferris Bueller's Day Off (12A)

Matthew Broderick plays the smart-talking kid who decides to take the day off school, borrow a Ferrari and run riot through Chicago. Enduring John Hughes classic.

“a dream as old as adolescence” – TIME Magazine

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Sunday 22 Oct 201718:00
Film 2: Pretty in Pink image

Film 2: Pretty in Pink (15)

A poor girl must choose between the affections of her doting childhood sweetheart and a rich but sensitive playboy; in the world of high school politics, that’s no easy decision.

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Sunday 22 Oct 201720:30
The Robe image

The Robe (U)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

In the Roman province of Judea during the 1st century, Roman tribune Marcellus Gallio is ordered to crucify Jesus of Nazareth but is tormented by his guilty conscience afterwards.

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Wednesday 25 Oct 201714:00
Marshall image


Join us for our usual monthly joyous Kush Film Boutique film club night; which includes an hour of music & networking in the bar prior to the film, live guest performances and exclusive and premiere urban films.

Kush Films celebrating UK Black History Month presents a special screening of the new true-story civil rights film Marshall.

In the year 1941, as the nation teeters on the brink of entering WWII, a nearly bankrupt NAACP sends its only lawyer, thirty-two year old Thurgood Marshall, to conservative Connecticut to defend a black chauffeur against charges of rape and attempted murder brought by his wealthy socialite employer.  It was a trial that quickly became tabloid fodder. In need of a high profile victory, but muzzled by the trial court, Marshall is joined by Samuel Friedman, a young Jewish lawyer who has never before tried a criminal case. Marshall and Friedman struggle against a hostile storm of fear and prejudice, driven to discover the truth in the sensationalized trial which helped set the groundwork for a career that ultimately made Thurgood Marshall America’s first African-American Supreme Court Justice.

Marshall stars hot property Chadwick Boseman who is about to star in Marvel Comics 2018 blockbuster film Black Panther.

7.30pm: Networking/Music in bar

8.30pm: Film Club introductions/Welcomes followed by film



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Wednesday 25 Oct 201720:30
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Trolls (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

After the Bergens invade Troll Village, Poppy, the happiest Troll ever born, and the curmudgeonly Branch set off on a journey to rescue her friends.

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Saturday 28 Oct 201711:30
Loving Vincent image

Loving Vincent

The world’s first fully painted animated feature, which took 5 years in the making, brings to life a stellar cast and a true tribute to the Dutch master.

On 29th July 1890, a gaunt figure stumbled down a drowsy high street at twilight in the small French country town of Auvers. The man was carrying nothing; his hands clasped to a fresh bullet wound leaking blood from his belly. This was Vincent van Gogh, then a little known artist; now the most famous artist in the world.

"showcases van Gogh’s craft in a way that has never been done before" - The Hollywood Reporter

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Saturday 28 Oct 201714:0016:0018:0020:00
Sunday 29 Oct 201715:0017:0019:00
Initiation - Halloween image

Initiation - Halloween (18)

Cigarette Burns Cinema returns with another Halloween all nighter.

The line-up:

- Dario Argento's Suspiria

- Filipino lunacy Killing of Satan

- Classic 80s slasher The Boogey Man

A mega mega rare screening of an imported Sony archive print of 70s Satanic Panic shocker The Brotherhood of Satan

- Classic 80s schlock The Re-Animator

All films will play from 35mm.

Musical accompaniment will be provided by Pentagram Home Video.

Costume contest - Competition is tough, so bring your game face.

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Saturday 28 Oct 201723:00
Film 1: The Breakfast Club image

Film 1: The Breakfast Club (15)

A diverse group of high schoolers, forced to spend detention in the library, find that they have more in common than they thought. A seminal film for many who came of age in the 1980s and the best of the so called “Brat Pack.”

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Monday 30 Oct 201718:30
Film 2: Planes, Trains and Automobiles image

Film 2: Planes, Trains and Automobiles (15)

En route to Chicago to spend Thanksgiving with his family, businessman Neal Page (Steve Martin) finds his first-class plane ticket has been demoted to coach, and he must share his flight with obnoxious salesman Del Griffith (John Candy). A sudden snowstorm in Chicago forces the plane to land in Wichita and reluctantly Neal agrees to pair up with Del to complete the journey, through whatever means of transport they can find.

“The movies that last, the ones we return to, don't always have lofty themes or Byzantine complexities. Sometimes they last because they are arrows straight to the heart.” – Roger Ebert

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Monday 30 Oct 201720:30
The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick image

The Goalie's Anxiety at the Penalty Kick

The goalkeeper Josef Bloch (Arthur Brauss) is sent off after committing a foul during an away game. This causes him to completely lose his bearings. He wanders aimlessly through the unfamiliar town and spends the night with the box-office attendant of a movie theatre (Erika Pluhar).

As Wenders himself has stated, the visual idiom of Hitchcock’s films provided the model for his debut film. With his cameraman Robby Müller and his editor Peter Przygodda - both of whom had already worked with him on his film thesis - Wenders set forth a collaboration that would weld this team together for years.

Screening from a new 4K restoration supervised by Wenders himself.

“His technique of using images to keep the plot intact makes The Goalie’s Anxiety at the Penalty Kick a milestone in young German cinema.” - Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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Tuesday 31 Oct 201719:30