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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (U)

Matinee Classics - Tickets available from £1.75

When Milly marries her love Adam, he takes her to meet his six ill mannered brothers who decide that marriage is their future too. So Milly tries to educate the boys in how to become gentlemen. 

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Wednesday 5 Jul 201714:00
*Film 1: The Third Man image

*Film 1: The Third Man (PG)

Pulp novelist Holly Martins (Cotton) travels to a shadowy postwar Vienna only to find himself investigating the mysterious death of an old friend, black-market opportunist Harry Lime.

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Sunday 13 Aug 201715:00
A Man Called Ove image

A Man Called Ove (12A)

In this adaptation of Fredrik Backman’s bestseller, Rolf Lassgård stars in the lead role of Ove, a cranky middle-aged man whose mission in life appears to be keeping watch over his neighbours like a hawk, ready to castigate anyone for the slightest thing he disapproves of. However, an unlikely friendship begins to develop when the pregnant Parvaneh and her family move into the neighbourhood.

A Man Called Ove is a heart-warming comedy drama on love, friendship and forgiveness, with a standout performance from Rolf Lassgård.

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Tuesday 1 Aug 201720:30
A Way of Life image

A Way of Life (15)

BAFTA Debuts

Known for her skill at reframing our views of Britain's past in films including Belle and A United Kingdom, A Way of Life sees director and writer Amma Asante bring as clear an eye to contemporary Wales. Asante's debut is an underseen contribution to the lineage of British kitchen sink realism, and stars one of the genre's finest actors, Brenda Blethyn (Secrets & Lies, Little Voice) as well as a rich cast of newcomers. This story of racism and marginalised lives is ripe for rediscovery in Brexit Britain.

A Way of Life centres on teenage mother Leigh-Anne Williams (Stephanie James); her brother Gavin (Nathan Jones), a seventeen year old desperately chasing love, and her two friends Robbie (Gary Sheppeard), a seventeen year old determined to move beyond his dead-end community and Stephen (Dean Wong), a fifteen year old yearning for a Welsh identity. All of them function along the margins of society... until one day, paranoid, boredom, frustration and anger form a lethal combination. When her baby girl's future appears threatened, Leigh-Anne's Turkish Muslim neighbour becomes the target of pent up anger and humiliation.

A Way of Life is a violent yet powerful story of a young mother and her child, of teenage romance and friendship.

“A devastatingly powerful picture... an exceptional debut film.” - The Times

With the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Independent Cinema Office and Into Film.

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Tuesday 22 Aug 201718:30
Alone in Berlin image

Alone in Berlin (12A)

Based on the international best- seller Every Man Dies Alone / Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada. Berlin, 1940, working class couple Otto and Anna Quangle receive the news that their only son has lost his life in combat and decide to resist the Nazi regime in their very own way.

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Saturday 15 Jul 201714:0016:0018:1520:30
Sunday 16 Jul 201717:0019:30
Angels in America: Part 1, Millennium Approaches image

Angels in America: Part 1, Millennium Approaches (15)

Presented by National Theatre Live

America in the mid-1980s. In the midst of the AIDS crisis and a conservative Reagan administration, New Yorkers grapple with life and death, love and sex, heaven and hell.

Andrew Garfield (Silence, Hacksaw Ridge) plays Prior Walter along with a cast including Denise Gough, Nathan Lane, James McArdle and Russell Tovey.

This new staging of Tony Kushner’s multi-award winning two-part play is directed by Olivier and Tony award winning director Marianne Elliott (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and War Horse).

Part Two: Perestroika, will also be broadcast live on 27 July 2017.

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Thursday 20 Jul 201719:00
Angels in America: Part 2, Perestroika image

Angels in America: Part 2, Perestroika (15)

Presented by National Theatre Live

America in the mid-1980s. In the midst of the AIDS crisis and a conservative Reagan administration, New Yorkers grapple with life and death, love and sex, heaven and hell.

Andrew Garfield (Silence, Hacksaw Ridge) plays Prior Walter along with a cast including Denise Gough, Nathan Lane, James McArdle and Russell Tovey.

This new staging of Tony Kushner’s multi-award winning two-part play is directed by Olivier and Tony award winning director Marianne Elliott (The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and War Horse).

Part One: Millennium Approaches was first performed at the National Theatre in 1992 and was followed by Part Two: Perestroika the following year.

Part One: Millennium Approaches will be broadcast live on 20 July 2017.

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Thursday 27 Jul 201719:00
Anna Karenina image

Anna Karenina (PG)

Presented by Fashion and Cinema

Duvivier's take on Leo Tolstoy’s revered Russian classic about the passion of an aristocratic woman trapped in a loveless marriage and forced to choose between her love for another man and that for her son. The film benefits from Vivien Leigh's wonderful and nuanced performance that conveys the intensity of Anna Karenina's love for Count Vronsky rather than glorifying the tragedy of her ending.

Cecil Beaton created Leigh's costumes for the film, successfully capturing the fabric textures and movement of the period and transmitting an idea of luxury that had a positive impact in post-war British audiences. Beaton's silhouette for Anna Karenina was reminiscent of Christian Dior's New Look, launched the year before and which borrowed from 19th century fashion, with rounded shoulders, tiny waistlines and full skirts.

The film will be introduced by Keith Lodwick, Curator at the V&A's Department of Theatre & Performance and of touring exhibitions drawn from the Museum's Vivien Leigh Archive

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Sunday 9 Jul 201718:30
Annie image

Annie (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

Convinced that one day her parents will come back for her, young orphan Annie spends a week with the rich heartless Daddy Warbucks and charms her way into his heart. A family classic. 

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Saturday 22 Jul 201711:30
Barry Lyndon image

Barry Lyndon (PG)

Based on William Makepeace Thackeray's novel 'The Luck of Barry Lyndon', the film recounts the exploits of a fictional 18th century Irish rogue and social climber. Winner of 4 Oscars.

"Barry Lyndon is something to rediscover"

The Times

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Thursday 3 Aug 201719:00
Sunday 13 Aug 201719:00
Bluebeard image


London Korean Film Festival Teaser Screening

South Korea has become known for its gripping thrillers featuring psychopaths and serial killers yet Bluebeard offers something new as its mysteries unfold through the eyes of an increasingly unreliable narrator...

In a town with a history of unsolved murders, neurotic doctor Seung-hoon is given cause to believe the residents of the butcher shop he lives above are processing more than just meat after spotting a bloody bag and over-hearing a half mumbled confession. Could the creepy butchers possibly be a pair of serial killers or is the doctor losing his mind? In psychological thriller Bluebeard, director Lee Soo-yeon (The Uninvited) lays a trail of gruesome hints to keep the truth just out of reach of her paranoid protagonist.

Shouldering the burden of a plot rife with dramatic twists and chilling turns, lead actor Cho Jin-woong, recognisable to UK audiences from his role in Park Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden, provides a multifaceted performance as the fear-gripped doctor. He’s ably supported by the superbly sinister duo of Kim Dae-myeong (Inside Men) and veteran actor Shin Koo (Christmas in August) as his ominous butcher-shop neighbours.

With Bluebeard, director Lee Soo-yeon utilises the cramped, claustrophobic environments of a city that’s simmering under a history of serial killings and unsolved murders to expertly crank up the tension until the film’s shocking finale.

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Monday 10 Jul 201719:30
Brokeback Mountain image

Brokeback Mountain (15)

Ground breaking, Academy Award winning film exploring the forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys based on a short story by Annie Proulx. Played to perfection by Ledger and Gyllenhaal.

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Monday 3 Jul 201720:45
Buster Keaton... image

Buster Keaton... (U)

“A comedian does funny things. A good comedian does things funny.” – Buster Keaton.

An unmissable double bill of the finest, funniest clown on film, accompanied by a live soundtrack on our 1936 Compton cinema organ.

Sherlock Jr.

A film projectionist longs to be a detective, and puts his meagre skills to work when he is framed by a rival for stealing his girlfriend's father's pocketwatch.

The Navigator

A hilarious comedy in which Buster and his sweetheart are cast adrift on a deserted ocean liner. The ship runs aground on a desert island, where the two unfortunates are chased by cannibals.

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Monday 28 Aug 201719:30
City of Ghosts image

City of Ghosts (15)

City of Ghosts exposes a new type of warfare: a battle over ideas, a fight for hearts and minds, a conflict over clicks and views. Captivating in its immediacy, it follows the journey of “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently”—a handful of anonymous activists who banded together after their homeland was taken over by ISIS in 2014.

With astonishing, deeply personal access, this is the story of a brave group of citizen journalists as they face the realities of life undercover, on the run, and in exile, risking their lives to stand up against one of the greatest evils in the world today.

Could be the definitive Syria documentary"" ★★★★★  - The Guardian

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Friday 11 Aug 201718:3020:30
Saturday 12 Aug 201714:0016:0018:0020:00
Daughters of the Dust image

Daughters of the Dust (PG)

In 1902 South Carolina, at a pivotal moment in American history, three generations of women in the Pezant family grapple with the decision to migrate north, leaving behind their well-preserved Gullah culture inherited from their West African slave ancestors.

An avowed influence on Beyoncé’s album Lemonade, Daughters of the Dust broke new ground in its representation of black women on screen and continues to inspire filmmakers and audiences alike. Lovingly restored for its 25th anniversary, Julie Dash’s luminous masterpiece is a bold, stylish and evocative odyssey, which remains as vibrant and necessary as ever.

“One of the most distinctive, original independent films of the time” - The New Yorker

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Friday 7 Jul 201718:30
Saturday 8 Jul 201714:0016:1518:3020:40
Sunday 9 Jul 201713:4516:00
Despicable Me 3 image

Despicable Me 3 (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

Gru faces off against Balthazar Bratt, a former child star who has grown up to become obsessed with the character that he played in the '80s, and gets into some sibling rivalry when he meets his long-lost charming, cheerful, and more successful twin brother Dru.

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Saturday 12 Aug 201711:30
Destiny image

Destiny (PG)

Before directing numerous genre defining masterpieces such as Metropolis, M, and Spione, Fritz Lang was already defying cinematic conventions with Der Müde Tod (literally, The Weary Death).

A young woman (Lil Dagover) confronts the personification of Death (Bernhard Goetzke), in an effort to save the life of her fiancé (Walter Janssen). Death weaves three romantic tragedies and offers to unite the girl with her lover, if she can prevent the death of the lovers in at least one of the episodes. Thus begin three exotic scenarios of ill-fated love, in which the woman must somehow reverse the course of destiny: Persia, Quattrocento Venice, and a fancifully rendered ancient China.  

Rich in expressionist imagery and featuring innovative special effects work, Der müde Tod has often been overlooked amongst Lang’s early work, but has been hugely influential, with directors such as Alfred Hitchcock and Luis Buñuel citing it as a direct influence on their work.

Now in 2017, in a new restoration by Anke Wilkening on behalf of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Stiftung, this definitive presentation of Der Müde Tod preserves the original German intertitles and simulates the historic colour tinting and toning of its initial release, and is accompanied by a newly-composed score by Cornelius Schwehr as a commissioned composition by ZDF / ARTE which was originally performed by the 70-member Berlin Rundfunk Symphony Orchestra under the direction of conductor Frank Strobel, at Berlinale 2016.

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Sunday 16 Jul 201715:00
Diary of a Wimpy Kid image

Diary of a Wimpy Kid (PG)

Kids Kino Club - ticket available from £1.75

Based on the best selling book, followe Greg Heffley as he hilariously negotiates his way through highschool stumbling  obstacles that every child will relate to. 

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Saturday 8 Jul 201711:30
Dogs in Space image

Dogs in Space (18)

Based on real life events, this cult classic depicts the comings and goings within a shambolic inner city Melbourne share house during the punk crazed late 1970s. The film swirls around hedonistic Sam, played by an enigmatic Michael Hutchence in his only screen performance, a lead singer in the electro-punk band Dogs In Space, and his reckless addiction to a toxic mix of music, pleasure and drugs. It perfectly captures the wild abandon of youth and the dreadful price of untethered ambition


"I’ve loved this film right from the beginning, having grown up right in the midst of St Kilda and it’s grungy live band scene during the 70s and 80s. We felt it was incredibly important to pay homage to Michael for the 20th anniversary of his death too – and the fact that INXS formed 40 years ago and the iconic KICK album is also celebrating its 30th anniversary clinched the deal." - Laila


“Lowenstein’s ode to a bygone, woebegone, couch-crashing era is a stunning piece of work, captured with an in-the-moment atmosphere that leaves most social realist films for dead.” - Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

The feature will be preceded by the short film


dir. Sanjiv Gopal, 5 mins (Swinburne University of Technology)

Part of the Oz Film Fest

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Saturday 1 Jul 201717:00
Don't Look Back image

Don't Look Back (15)

Nick Broomfield Presents

Bob Dylan is captured on-screen as he never would be again in this groundbreaking film from D.A. Pennebaker. The legendary documentarian finds Dylan in England during his 1965 tour, which would be his last as an acoustic artist.

In this wildly entertaining vision of one of the twentieth century’s greatest artists, Dylan is surrounded by teen fans, gets into heated philosophical jousts with journalists, and kicks back with fellow musicians, Joan Baez, Donovan, and Alan Price.

Featuring some of Dylan’s most famous songs, including “Subterranean Homesick Blues”, “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, and “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”, Don’t Look Back is a radically conceived portrait of an American icon that has influenced decades of vérité behind-the-scenes documentaries.

“As an exercise in the unbelievably cool, DA Pennebaker's documentary on Bob Dylan's 1965 tour of England is unparalleled.” - The Times

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Monday 31 Jul 201719:30
Dunkirk image


Nolan’s take on the true story of codename “Operation Dynamo” , the mass evacualtion of more than 338,000 British, Belgian, French and Canadian troops from a tiny patch of France, surrounded on all sides by German forces.

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Friday 25 Aug 201718:3020:45
Saturday 26 Aug 201714:0016:1518:3020:45
Film 1: Blue Velvet image

Film 1: Blue Velvet (18)

David Lynch’s hallucinogenic masterpiece probes beneath the surface of suburban America to find violence, corruption, drug abuse and perversion.

When Jeffrey Beaumont takes a severed ear to the police he is shocked by their indifference. Deciding to investigate himself, he is drawn into the town’s murky underbelly.

"Shocking, visionary, rapturously controlled, its images of innocence and a dark, bruising sexuality drop straight into our unconscious where they rest like depth charges."

LA Times

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Sunday 30 Jul 201717:00
Film 1: Bullitt image

Film 1: Bullitt (15)

Based on Robert L Pike’s crime novel Mute Witness. Tough-guy police detective Frank Bullit (McQueen) is assigned to a seemingly routine detail, protecting mafia informant Johnny Ross (Pat Renella), who is scheduled to testify against his Mob cronies before a Senate subcommittee in San Francisco. But when a pair of hitmen ambush their secret location, fatally wounding Ross, things don't add up for Bullitt, so he decides to investigate the case on his own. The film featuring the best car chase ever.

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Sunday 6 Aug 201718:00
Film 1: Jules et Jim image

Film 1: Jules et Jim (PG)

Truffaut's New Wave classic. Jeanne Moreau plays a Parisian beauty caught up in a complex menage a trois with two friends - one Austrian, the other French - just before World War One.

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Sunday 27 Aug 201715:00
Film 1: Pandora and The Flying Dutchman image

Film 1: Pandora and The Flying Dutchman (PG)

Albert Lewin's lushly romantic Technicolor visualisation of the often-told legend of the sea. A glamorous Ava Gardner is Pandora, who falls hard for the charismatic James Mason as Hendrik, a 17th-century seaman eternally condemned to sail the oceans.

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Sunday 23 Jul 201714:00
Film 1: Shockproof image

Film 1: Shockproof

When ex-convict Jenny Marsh visits her Los Angeles parole officer, Griff Marat, he lists the conditions of her parole: she must report to him every day and she must not carry a weapon or get married. He also warns her to stay away from Harry Wesson, who was partially responsible for her involvement in crime. But Jenny soon finds herself ensnared in a romantic triangle that pits the ne'er-do-well Harry against the caring Griff.

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Sunday 20 Aug 201714:00
Film 1: Sunset Boulevard image

Film 1: Sunset Boulevard (PG)

A true classic. From the unforgettable opening sequence through the inevitable unfolding of tragic destiny the film is the definitive statement on the dark & desperate side of Hollywood. Joe Gillis (Holden) inadvertently finds himself in the driveway of ageing silent film star Norma Desmond (Swanson).

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Monday 7 Aug 201719:30
Film 1: The Elephant Man image

Film 1: The Elephant Man (PG)

A Victorian surgeon rescues a heavily disfigured man who is mistreated while scraping a living as a side-show freak. Behind his monstrous facade, there is revealed a person of intelligence and sensitivity.

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Wednesday 9 Aug 201718:30
Film 1: The Merchant of Four Seasons image

Film 1: The Merchant of Four Seasons (15)

Hans Epp is a self-destructive man who lives a dissatisfied life. He tries to find meaning as a fruit vendor, but a heart attack impedes his ability to work, which turns his dissatisfaction into despair.

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Monday 26 Jun 201718:30
Film 1: Three Coins in the Fountain image

Film 1: Three Coins in the Fountain (U)

Three American woman working in Rome, Italy, share a spacious apartment and the desire to find love and marriage, each experiencing a few bumps in their journeys to romance.

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Sunday 6 Aug 201713:30
Film 2: David Lynch: The Art Life image

Film 2: David Lynch: The Art Life (15)

Artist and filmmaker David Lynch discusses his early life and the events that shaped his outlook on art and the creative process.

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Wednesday 9 Aug 201720:50
Film 2: Fox and his Friends image

Film 2: Fox and his Friends (15)

Circus performer Fox (played by Fassbinder) wins a significant sum in the lottery and uses the money to try to start a new life with a new lover who has expensive taste. One of Fassbinder’s most accessible films, this is a poignant and powerful melodrama.

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Monday 26 Jun 201720:30
Film 2: From Here to Eternity image

Film 2: From Here to Eternity (PG)

Powerful drama exploring the passions and violence of a group of squaddies stationed at Pearl Harbour just before World War II. Based on the novel by James Jones.

Frank Sinatra won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his work on this film.

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Sunday 23 Jul 201716:30
Film 2: L'Atalante image

Film 2: L'Atalante (PG)

A new marriage is severely tested on the houseboat L'Atalante. One of cinema's enduring masterpieces.

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Sunday 27 Aug 201717:15
Film 2: Magnificent Obssession image

Film 2: Magnificent Obssession (U)

Rock Hudson plays a reckless playboy who is indirectly responsible for the death of a kindly doctor. The dead man's wife, Jane Wyman, refuses to accept Hudson's apologies. When Wyman is blinded, Hudson decides to "do right" by her anonymously.

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Sunday 20 Aug 201715:45
Film 2: Roman Holiday image

Film 2: Roman Holiday (U)

An irresistibly romantic film. Hepburn stars as the globe-trotting Princess Anne who is in the midst of a highly publicised tour of Europe's capital cities. When she and her royal entourage arrive in Rome, she begins to rebel against her restricted, regimented schedule. One night, Anne sneaks out of her room, hops into the back of a delivery truck and escapes her luxurious confinement.

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Sunday 6 Aug 201715:30
Film 2: The Getaway image

Film 2: The Getaway (PG)

Based on a novel by Jim Thompson. A recently released ex-con and his loyal wife go on the run after a heist goes awry.

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Sunday 6 Aug 201720:15
Film 2: The Lady From Shanghai image

Film 2: The Lady From Shanghai (PG)

Often described as Orson Welles' film noir. A sailor becomes involved in a scam with a beautiful woman and her lawyer husband. But complications arise and the sailor soon finds himself being tried for murder.The hall of mirrors climax is hailed as one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history.

"looks more sharp and sensuous than ever"

Time Out

"A whirling thing of wonder... outrageous and dreamlike"

The Independent

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Sunday 13 Aug 201717:00
Film 2: Wild at Heart image

Film 2: Wild at Heart (18)

Based on Barry Clifford’s novel of the same name. Sailor Ripley (Cage) and Lula Pace (Dern), a young couple from Cape Fear, North Carolina, find themselves on the run from Lula’s domineering mother and the gangsters she hired to kill Sailor

“Joltingly violent, wickedly funny and rivetingly erotic” - Variety

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Sunday 30 Jul 201719:30
Finding Nemo image

Finding Nemo (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

When young clownfish Nemo goes missing during a school trip, his father must search the ocean for his son with the help of Dory, the loving fish with short term memory loss, and other characters of the deep.  

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Saturday 26 Aug 201711:30
Hounds of Love image

Hounds of Love (18)

Teenage Vicki’s parents have recently separated and she is feeling treacherously rebellious. Sneaking out of her bedroom to head to a party, she has no idea of the dangerous path she is about to take, especially when lured into a couple’s passing car with the promise of illicit substances. Abducted back to the deranged couple’s home, Vicki watches in horror as the scope of their vicious mind games and deadly obsessions unfold in front of her. But Vicki is no shrinking violet and she soon realises that the only way she will survive this is to play them off against each other. Based (but not acknowledged) on the lives of real serial killers from the 1980s.

With introduction by Dr Lindsay Anne Hallam, Senior Lecturer, Moving Image Research Centre MIRC). Her primary research interest is horror cinema, she lived in Perth during the events that inspired the film and is a personal friend of the director.


"Being an unabashed feminist I am horrified by the amount of gratuitous violence towards women is depicted in cinemas today. But this film was utterly impossible to ignore. Told through the unique perspective of a serial killer’s girlfriend, and superbly crafted and shot, most of the violence is off screen and all the more powerful because of it. Not for the feint hearted, this will have you gripped from start to finish." - Laila


Hounds of Love benefits from impressive control of visuals to build suspense and from the spiky performances of its fearless cast, flagging Young as a talent to watch.” David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter

The feature will be preceded by the short film

The Guide

dir. Jonathan Grace, 2016, 14 mins (Sydney Film School)

Part of the Oz Film Fest

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Saturday 1 Jul 201720:00
Hunger image

Hunger (15)

BAFTA Debuts

After years as one of the UK's top visual artists, Hunger marked the arrival of Turner-prize winning Steve McQueen as a narrative filmmaker, as well as providing the earliest demonstration of Michael Fassbender's mesmerising screen presence. McQueen's debut rivals his Oscar-winning 12 Years a Slave, both works that reignite the physical actualities of historical fact with thought-provoking intensity.

Hunger is the unflinching dramatisation of the last weeks in the life of Bobby Sands, the Provisional IRA member who led the 1981 Irish hunger strike in the political wing of Belfast's Maze Prison. Ten prisoners starved themselves to death in protest at being denied official political prisoner status by Margaret Thatcher's government. Michael Fassbender plays Sands, whose passionate commitment to the cause for which he has been imprisoned and in the righteousness of dying for his political beliefs is portrayed in a central scene where he discusses the morality of the hunger strike with a visiting priest (Liam Cunningham).

“Restores faith in cinema's ability to cover history free from the bounds of texts and personalities.” - Time Out

BAFTA Debuts is a special series that celebrates the work of British directors who have won the BAFTA Award for Outstanding Debut and gone on to stellar careers, including Lynne Ramsey, Joe Wright and Steve McQueen.

See the full programme here.

With the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Independent Cinema Office and Into Film.

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Tuesday 18 Jul 201718:30
Icaros: A Vision image

Icaros: A Vision

Presented by DMovies

Her medical options exhausted, an American woman travels to the Amazon in search of a miracle. Thanks to a young ayahuasca shaman who is losing his eyesight, she learns instead to confront her ‘susto’: the disease of fear.

Icaros: A Vision is a story about fear and the release from fear – the fear of illness and of death, but also the fear of life and living. It’s about the possibility of living through one’s fear – which is what the Amazonian plant Ayahuasca is good at getting you to do.

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Friday 7 Jul 201720:40
Illicit image


Kush Films in association with New Breed Entertainment presents the UK premiere of psychological thriller ‘Illicit’ starring David Ramsey star of DC Comics popular ‘Arrow’ superhero TV series.

A well liked parole officer (David Ramsey) and a beautiful former model (Shireen Crutchfield) enjoy a successful marriage until she gets the itch to go back to work.

As the wife forms an 'unlikely friendship' with an emerging photographer, the husband is dealing with a parolee who proves to be far more than he bargained for.

As loose ends unravel and a world of secrets, sex, and lies creep closer to home, Illicit poses the question: "Can you have everything without losing it all?"

*Meet the stars of the film in our after film Q&A

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Thursday 10 Aug 201720:30
Ivan's Childhood image

Ivan's Childhood (12A)

Andrei Tarkovsky’s prize-winning debut feature is an extraordinarily moving and powerful story of war and revenge. Determined to avenge his family’s death at the hands of the Nazis, 12-year-old Ivan joins a Russian partisan regiment as a scout, where he becomes indispensable for his ability to slip unnoticed through enemy lines. But, as his missions become increasingly dangerous, it is decided that he must be removed from the front line. Ivan resists and convinces his commanding officers to allow him to carry out one last expedition.

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Tuesday 22 Aug 201720:30
Jasper Jones image

Jasper Jones

Opening Night - Oz Film Fest


Missed out on tickets to the opening night gala? There are plenty more wonderful films with tickets still available.

Please visit the Oz Film Fest homepage for more details.

A riveting and moving Australian coming of age story about Charlie Bucktin, a bookish boy of 14. On the night that Jasper Jones, the town’s mixed race outcast shows him the dead body of young Laura Wishheart, Charlie’s life is changed forever. Entrusted with this secret and believing Jasper to be innocent, Charlie embarks on a dangerous journey to find the true killer. Set over the scorching summer holidays of 1968, Charlie defeats the local racists, faces the breakup of his parents and falls head over heels in love as he discovers what it means to be truly courageous.

This screening is generously supported by the Australian High Commission.

Part of the Oz Film Fest

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Friday 30 Jun 201719:30 (Sold Out)
Kedi image

Kedi (U)

Uplifting documentary and a love letter to the ancient city of Istanbul written by the creatures who run it – the cats.

"A magical and remarkable documentary about the free-roaming feline population of Istanbul.” - Variety

“If Grumpy Cat is the blockbuster franchise of cat videos, Kedi is the Citizen Kane of the genre.” - Indiewire

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Friday 21 Jul 201718:3020:15
Saturday 22 Jul 201715:0017:0019:0020:45
Lord of the Flies image

Lord of the Flies (PG)

Presented by The Criterion Collection

In the hands of the renowned experimental theatre director Peter Brook, William Golding’s legendary novel on the primitivism lurking beneath civilization becomes a film as raw and ragged as the lost boys at its centre. Taking an innovative documentary-like approach, Brook shot Lord of the Flies with an off-the cuff naturalism, seeming to record a spontaneous eruption of its characters’ ids. The result is a rattling masterpiece, as provocative as its source material.

“An expert shocker, fearsomely realistic and almost unbearably suspenseful.” - New York Daily News

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Thursday 24 Aug 201719:30
Love Story image

Love Story

Presented by Heavenly Films

Love Story tells the remarkable tale of one of the most inspired and influential bands to emerge from America during the 1960’s - Love. The film charts the groups journey from Dorsey High School in South LA to it’s drug fuelled disintegration in 1968 following the completion of their masterpiece ‘Forever Changes’.

Filmed in 2005 & 2006, Love Story features the last ever interviews with band leader Arthur Lee, plus interviews with all surviving original band members, Johnny Echols, Michael Stuart, Alban ‘Snoopy’ Pfisterer, as well as unseen footage of the late Bryan Maclean.

Love Story also features contributions from Elektra Records boss Jac Holzman, Producer Bruce Botnick, arranger David Angel, The Doors' John Densmore, Bobby Gillespie & Mani from Primal Scream, John & Mick Head from Shack and Ken Livingstone.

Premiering at the London Film Festival in 2006 this is the first public screening of the documentary in over 5 years and it will be followed by a Q&A with producer Chris Hall and director Mike Kerry.

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Friday 14 Jul 201719:30
Maudie image

Maudie (PG)

Maudie, based on a true story, is an unlikely romance in which the reclusive Everett Lewis (Ethan Hawke) hires a fragile yet determined woman named Maudie (Sally Hawkins) to be his housekeeper.

Maudie, bright-eyed but hunched with crippled hands, yearns to be independent, to live away from her protective family and she also yearns, passionately, to create art. Unexpectedly, Everett finds himself falling in love. Maudie charts Everett's efforts to protect himself from being hurt, Maudie's deep and abiding love for this difficult man and her surprising rise to fame as a folk painter.

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Sunday 27 Aug 201719:00
Tuesday 29 Aug 201719:30
Milk image

Milk (15)

Presented by Levi's

Inspiring Oscar winning film telling the story of Harvey Milk and his struggles as an activist who fought for gay rights and became California’s first openly gay elected official.

Preceded by a reception hosted by Levi's, and a panel discussion on 'Fighting Stigma'.

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Wednesday 5 Jul 201719:00
Minions image

Minions (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

The minions have lived since the beginning of time to serve despicable masters. Join them as they travel to various destinations including London, England, as they serve to please their masters. 

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Saturday 1 Jul 201711:30
Moon image

Moon (15)

Before his blockbuster successes, Duncan Jones launched his career with Moon, rejecting the CGI heavy, action-packed sci-fi of recent years for a quiet tale of identity and isolation. Cut from the same cloth as genre classics like Silent Running and Alien, Moon is an engrossing, intelligent sci-fi thriller.

Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is nearing the completion of his 3-year-long contract with Lunar Industries, mining Earth's primary source of energy on the dark side of the moon. Alone with only the base's vigilant computer Gerty (voiced by Kevin Spacey) as his sole companion, Bell's extended isolation has taken its toll. His only link to the outside world comes from satellite messages from his wife and young daughter. He longs to return home, but a terrible accident on the lunar surface leads to a disturbing discovery that contributes to his growing sense of paranoia and dislocation so many miles away from home.

"Moon is a superior example of that threatened genre, hard science-fiction" Roger Ebert

With the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Independent Cinema Office and Into Film.

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Tuesday 25 Jul 201718:30
Mulholland Drive image

Mulholland Drive (15)

Naomi Watts gives a career-making performance as aspiring actress Betty, who after arriving in Hollywood, befriends an amnesiac woman (Laura Harring) and tries to help her recover her memory. The film establishes these characters but then proceeds to subvert any certainty about them, instead offering a swirling atmosphere of increasing surrealism.

Consistently hailed the best film of the 21st century, David Lynch's quintessential neo-noir screens from a new 4K digital transfer, the restoration of which was supervised by Lynch himself.

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Sunday 23 Jul 201719:30
My Life as a Courgette image

My Life as a Courgette (PG)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

After his mother passes away, young Courgette is sent to live in an orphanage where he meets friends who have been through similar challenges to him.

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Saturday 5 Aug 201711:30
My Life as a Dog image

My Life as a Dog (PG)

Nick Broomfield Presents

Hallstrom’s impactful debut is a coming of age story full of depth and sensitivity. Based on the autobiographical novel of the same name by Reidor Johnson. Young Ingemar (Glanzelius) weathers a particularly bleak period in his life with his dying mother and nasty older brother through a fascination for Laila the Russian space dog who was rocketed to his death.

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Monday 21 Aug 201719:30
NT Live: Yerma image

NT Live: Yerma (15)

National Theatre Live

The incredible Billie Piper (Penny Dreadful, Great Britain) returns in her Evening Standard Best Actress award-winning role.

A young woman is driven to the unthinkable by her desperate desire to have a child in Simon Stone’s radical production of Lorca’s achingly powerful masterpiece. Set in contemporary London, Piper’s portrayal builds with elemental force to a staggering, shocking, climax.

The unmissable theatre phenomenon sold out at the Young Vic and The Times call it “an extraordinary theatrical triumph”

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Wednesday 30 Aug 201719:00
Oklahoma! image

Oklahoma! (U)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

In the Oklahoma territory at the turn of the twentieth century, two young cowboys vie with a violent ranch hand and a traveling peddler for the hearts of the women they love

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Wednesday 16 Aug 201714:00
Ratcatcher image

Ratcatcher (15)

BAFTA Debuts

Lynne Ramsay's debut reveals her unflinching yet lyrical eye for the profound effects of trauma, that has continued to shine through her work in Movern Callar and We Need to Talk about Kevin. Ratcatcher premiered in Un Certain Regard during the 1999 Cannes Film Festival, instantly earning Ramsay comparisons with Francois Truffaut's 400 Blows and Ken Loach's Kes and marking her as one of the finest talent to emerge in the 1990s.

Set in a Glasgow tenement block in the 1970s, against a backdrop of rubbish accumulating during a dustbinmen's strike, the film follows the twelve year old James Gillespie (William Eadie) as tragedy causes him to withdraw from his family. He is drawn to the fetid canal where he creates a world of his own. He finds an awkward tenderness with Margaret Anne (Leanne Mullen), a vulnerable 14 year old expressing a need for love in all the wrong ways, and befriends Kenny (John Miller), who possesses an unusual innocence in spite of the harsh surroundings.

Ratcatcher is a compelling coming of age drama with the exceptional ability to find beauty in the mundane.

Ratcatcher makes you see the world with bigger eyes, revealing the layers beneath every surface.” - Sight and Sound

With the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Independent Cinema Office and Into Film.

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Tuesday 1 Aug 201718:30
Red Dog True Blue image

Red Dog True Blue

A prequel to the highly successful Red Dog (2011) which premiered at the last Barbican Australian Film Festival – this delightful family film is about the making of a legend through the love of a boy, in the harsh Australian outback.  

Expanded from the short story by Louis de Bernieres (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin), it tells the tale of Red from his humble beginnings as a pup, pulled from floodwaters after a cyclone by his first love, Mick, an orphaned boy who has come to live with this gruff father (Bryan Brown) on his remote desert cattle farm.  

Free picture book Pig the Pug for every child. Also an opportunity to meet guide dogs from 4.30pm.

Introduced by producer Colin Vaines.

OZ FILM FEST COMMENTS: "Full of warmth and humour, spectacular scenery of Pilbara region of Western Australia and wonderful performances from both Bryan Brown and the young star Levi Miller, this will appeal to both the young and the young at heart." - Laila


“Stenders has his cast play broadly but deftly; in particular, young Miller holds his own against Brown’s imposing persona. The boy’s chemistry with Phoenix is palpable.” - Eddie Cockrall, Variety

The feature will be preceded by the short film


dir. Kelly Martin, 2014, 1 mins (Swinburne University of Technology)

Part of the Oz Film Fest

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Sunday 2 Jul 201717:00
Red Road image

Red Road (18)

BAFTA Debuts

Already an Oscar-winner for her short film work, Andrea Arnold began her feature filmmaking career with this unremittingly tense thriller set in the housing estates of Glasgow. As with her later work in Fish Tank, Wuthering Heights and American Honey, Arnold injects an authentic story of female isolation with striking visuals that breathe life into the familiar.

Hiding from life behind a bank of screens, CCTV operator Jackie (Kate Dickie) surveys the minutia of day to day life on the now demolished Red Road Flats in Glasgow. Emotionally numb after a traumatic loss, Jackie passes her time watching other people’s lives flicker across her CCTV monitors.

Her own life seemingly on hold, nothing penetrates her state of inertia until, electrified, she spots Clyde (Tony Curran) who has recently been released from prison. Haunted by this figure from her past, whom Jackie believes has no right to freedom, she plots her revenge on him for a crime we only fully understand in the last minutes of the film.

With one of the most strikingly audacious sex scenes in recent cinema, for once told from a female perspective, Red Road pulls off the elusive task of telling a human story which manages to simultaneously be both uncompromising and heartbreakingly sensitive, while never lapsing into sentimentality.

“A talented, risk-taking filmmaker discovering her power.” - New York Times

With the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Independent Cinema Office and Into Film.

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Tuesday 8 Aug 201718:30
Remembering Tom Simpson image

Remembering Tom Simpson

A programme of films celebrating the Tom Simpson and the Tour de France.

Tom Simpson was a ground-breaking British cyclist, Olympic medallist and first British competitor to wear the yellow jersey. 2017 is the 50th anniversary of his tragic death on the slopes of Mont Ventoux during the 54th edition of the Tour de France.

This evening’s programme, directed by RC Pascoe will comprise the following:

- 40 years On: The re-dedication of the Simpson Memorial

Film of the ceremony in 2007. 10 minutes.

- Notebook from the Tour 2016

Ray Pascoe’s personal experience of last year’s Tour. 40 minutes.

- Something to Aim At - The Tom Simpson Story.

A look at the life of Tom Simpson – Britain’s first yellow jersey in the Tour de France 1962 & World road champion in 1965. 75 minutes.

Director RC Pascoe will attend the screening for a Q&A

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Tuesday 4 Jul 201719:30
Remembering the Man image

Remembering the Man (15)

Using actual audio recordings, from the 1993 Australian response to AIDS oral history project, of Tim Conigrave, author of the internationally bestselling autobiography Holding the Man (which the feature film with the same name was based on), and interviews with his closest friends, this documentary beautifully weaves together the moving love story of him and his lifetime partner, John, from their schoolboy beginnings to both their deaths from the AIDS epidemic.  


"Moving, insightful, funny, romantic, real – these are just some of the words that spring to mind when I think of this divine film. Be warned, you will need a hanky for this one! More than just a story about AIDS, this portrays unconditional and enduring love and its power to live on long after death." - Laila


“Through frank and revealing interviews with family, friends, and teachers and by using rare archival footage and photos, Remembering the Man uncovers the real couple behind Holding the Man and asks why their story has endured when they did not.” -

The feature will be preceded by the short film


dir. Sam Van Munnen, 2015, 8 mins (Swinburne University of Technology)

Part of the Oz Film Fest

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Sunday 2 Jul 201714:00
Risk image

Risk (15)

How much of your own life are you willing to risk?

Laura Poitras, Academy Award winning director of CitizenFour, returns with her most personal and intimate film to date. Filmed over six years, Risk is a complex and volatile character study that collides with a high stakes election year and its controversial aftermath.

Cornered in a tiny building for half a decade, Julian Assange is undeterred even as the legal jeopardy he faces threatens to undermine the organization he leads and fracture the movement he inspired. Capturing this story with unprecedented access, Poitras finds herself caught between the motives and contradictions of Assange and his inner circle.

In a new world order where a single keystroke can alter history, Risk is a portrait of power, betrayal, truth, and sacrifice.

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Tuesday 18 Jul 201720:30
Tuesday 25 Jul 201720:30
Rock Dog image

Rock Dog (PG)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

Follow young Tibetan Mastiff, Bodi,  who leaves his home village in the mountains to become a rock musician in the big city after a radio falls from the sky.

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Saturday 15 Jul 201711:30
Sabotage image

Sabotage (PG)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

A Scotland Yard undercover detective is on the trail of a saboteur who is part of a plot to set off a bomb in London. But when the detective's cover is blown, the plot begins to unravel.

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Wednesday 26 Jul 201714:00
Scarecrow image

Scarecrow (18)

We launch the book Al Pacino: The Movies Behind The Man with a special screening of Scarecrow. Author Mark Searby will introduce the film.

Max, an ex-con drifter with a penchant for brawling is amused by Lion, a homeless ex-sailor, and they partner up as they head east together.

“Hollywood movies have rarely spoken such tough and tender truths.” – Time Out

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Wednesday 16 Aug 201719:30
Shrek image

Shrek (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

When the ogre Shrek finds his swampland overrun with banished woodland creatures, he makes a deal with the evil Lord Farquaad to bring him a princess to marry in exchange for his swampland back. 

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Saturday 19 Aug 201711:30
Sing image

Sing (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £1.75

A group of animal friends decided to take part in Buster Moon's singing competition with hilarious results. Featuring over 60 famous songs and a host of famous voices! 

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Saturday 29 Jul 201711:30
Solaris image

Solaris (12A)

Presented by The Criterion Collection

When Kris Kelvin is sent on a mission to the Solaris Space Station, he is confronted with a skeleton crew who display psychological instability due to the presence of "visitors". It’s not long before Kris begins to encounter his own visitor - his late wife who taunts him with illusionary compassion. Kris must choose whether to cling to reality or submit to the gift of a lost love regained.

Tarkovsky’s adaptation of Stanislaw Lem’s acclaimed sci-fi novel has influenced countless filmmakers.

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Wednesday 2 Aug 201720:15
Stalker image

Stalker (PG)

Presented by The Criterion Collection

In a future world that has been seemingly ravaged by war and poverty there exists a myth of hope amongst the people - a forbidden place known as the Zone, the heart of which, if reached, grants one’s innermost desires. Two men, a writer and a professor, hire someone known as a Stalker, a guide who can navigate the treacherous and confounding path that leads them to the centre of the Zone.

"Visually unforgettable and possibly Tarkovsky’s finest work"

Philip French, The Guardian

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Wednesday 19 Jul 201719:30
Strictly Ballroom image

Strictly Ballroom (PG)

Scott is determined to win this year’s Pan Pacific Grand Prix Ballroom Dancing title – but he’s going to do it his way. Disqualified for his “flashy, crowd-pleasing steps” and dumped by his partner, Tina Sparkle, it looks like he hasn’t got a hope. But when dance beginner Fran steps in, he turns to his father for help and the magic begins. Completely over the top and with every cliché (and glitzy sequin) thrown at it, this film is astonishing as it has enduring appeal for both the blockbuster and arthouse audience in equal measure.

Free photo booth with costumes before and after the film.


"By popular demand! This was our most asked for classic for the festival. Baz’s directorial debut has aged beautifully and will win over a whole new BBC Strictly Come Dancing slew of fans." - Laila


“Beautifully edited by Jill Bilcock, with breathtaking production design by Catherine Martin (who also shares a costume credit with Angus Strathie), Strictly Ballroom is a spectacle of flair that angles straight for the heart.” - Urban Cinefile

The feature will be preceded by the short film

Clean Up on Aisle 9

dir. Anthea Hewett, 2010, 7 mins (Sydney Film School)

Part of the Oz Film Fest

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Saturday 1 Jul 201715:00
The Barefoot Contessa image

The Barefoot Contessa (PG)

Matinee Classics - Tickets available from £1.75

At Maria Vargas's funeral, several people look back at the life and loves of a spirited dancer who had an impact on their lives. 

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Wednesday 28 Jun 201714:00
The Barkleys of Broadway  image

The Barkleys of Broadway (U)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

Josh and Dinah Barkley are a successful husband and wife musical comedy team, until Dinah meets a French playwright who suggests that Dinah should take up dramatic acting, much to Josh's dismay.

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Wednesday 2 Aug 201714:00
The Beguiled  image

The Beguiled (15)

At a girls' school in Virginia during the Civil War, where the young women have been sheltered from the outside world, a wounded Union soldier is taken in. Soon, the house is taken over with sexual tension, rivalries, and an unexpected turn of events ensues.

“An exquisitely crafted drama of seduction, survival and sexual awakening”

Dave Calhoun Time Out

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Friday 18 Aug 201718:3020:30
Saturday 19 Aug 201714:0016:1521:00
Sunday 20 Aug 201718:0020:30
The Best Things In Life Are Free image

The Best Things In Life Are Free (U)

Matinee Classic - tickets available from £1.75

Ray Henderson joins Buddy De Sylva and Lew Brown to form a successful 1920s musical show writing team. They soon have several hits on Broadway but De Sylva's personal ambition leads to friction.

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Wednesday 9 Aug 201714:00
The Big Sleep image

The Big Sleep (PG)

Matinee Classics - Tickets available from £1.75

Private detective Phillip Marlowe is called in to help resolve gambling debts of the daughter of General Sternwood. But Sternwood's other daughter suspects her father is using the detective for his own investigation into the disappearance of his friend. 

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Wednesday 19 Jul 201714:00
The Children's Hour image

The Children's Hour (12)

Matinee Classics - Tickets available from £1.75

Two lifelong friends open a school for girls. When one troubled schoolgirl starts a scandalous rumour about the women, their careers and lives are turned upside down.

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Wednesday 12 Jul 201714:00
The Death and Life of Otto Bloom image

The Death and Life of Otto Bloom

Memento meets Benjamin Button in this gripping and fascinating feature film exploring the life and loves of a unique individual.

Otto Bloom is going backwards in time – his body is aging normally but his consciousness is doing the reverse. He can only remember the future. Exploring his meteoric rise to fame and subsequent fall through fake interviews with friends, lovers and social commentators, we discover an utterly compelling and believable story.  

Followed by a Q&A with the director, Cris Jones

Free goodie bag and wine for every ticket holder.


"I was gripped from start to finish with this accomplished directorial debut. It made me think, laugh and swoon – my idea of heaven." - Laila


The Death and Life of Otto Bloom is refreshingly unpredictable, a particularly pleasing virtue in these dark days of superhero this and sequel that.” - Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian

The feature will be preceded by the short film

The Trophy Wall

dir. Ellen Johansson, 2017, 10mins (Sydney Film School)

Part of the Oz Film Fest

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Sunday 2 Jul 201720:00
The Death of Louis XIV image

The Death of Louis XIV

An adaptation of the Duc de Saint-Simon’s memoirs, starring Jean-Pierre Leaud as the Sun-King. August 1715. After going for a walk, Louis XIV feels a pain in his leg. This is the start of the slow agonising death of the greatest King of France, from gangrene, in an era in which little is known of such illnesses. Shot in rich colour with extraordinary lighting.

"A strong contender for film of the year"

Little White Lies

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Friday 4 Aug 201718:3020:45
Saturday 5 Aug 201713:3016:0018:3020:45
The Evil Within image

The Evil Within

Presented by Cigarette Burns

We're thrilled to present the UK premiere of a genuinely shocking and surprising horror film, a piece of outsider art and passion project which was very nearly lost when its writer and director Andrew Getty died during post production.

Getty, himself the heir of American oil baron J. Paul Getty, spent 15 years and millions of his own money to tell his twisted and tragic tale of a young man (a tour de force performance by Frederick Koehler) with learning difficulties whose dreams are haunted by a demonic creature (horror genre icon Michael Berryman) ordering him on murderous rampages. Unable to understand or control himself, the bodies pile up and we fall deeper and deeper into the nightmares of the mind.

We'll be joined by the producer and saviour of the film, Michael Luceri, in a Skype Q&A hosted by filmmaker Jörg Tittel (The White King), who has been left permanently scarred by the film. In a good way. He hopes.

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Tuesday 8 Aug 201720:40
The Glass Slipper image

The Glass Slipper (U)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

A charming, musical adaptation of the classic fairytale Cinderella

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Wednesday 30 Aug 201714:00
The Goldrush image

The Goldrush (U)

Nick Broomfield Presents

A hapless prospector trudges his way through the Yukon during the 1890s Gold Rush where he survives assorted life-threatening perils, longs for a saucy saloon girl, and finally strikes the Motherlode. Charlie Chaplin's masterpiece dishes out one classic moment after another, alternately touching and hilarious.

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Monday 24 Jul 201719:30
The Graduate image

The Graduate (15)

Much loved coming-of-age drama in which a disillusioned college graduate finds himself torn between his older lover and her daughter.

50th Anniversary - 4K Restoration.

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Friday 28 Jul 201718:3020:45
Saturday 29 Jul 201714:0016:1518:3020:45
The Lost Boys image

The Lost Boys (15)

Presented by Cigarette Burns

In 1987 The Lost Boys was released into the world, it instantly became a raging classic.

Opening doors to a new avenue of the Vampire genre, it was seminal in shifting the story from the lone monster to the sexy beats.

We are gathering to celebrate the release of director and author Paul Davis' second book Lost in the Shadows - The Story of The Lost Boys.

Paul will join us on stage for a discussion and Q&A.

We'll have copies of his book on hand as well.

Cigarette Burns is proud to present an archival 35mm print for this 30th anniversary screening.

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Saturday 19 Aug 201718:30
The Mirror image

The Mirror (U)

An astounding, semi-autobiographical filmic composition of a dying man’s dreams, memories and emotional states during various moments in his life. Undeniably one of the most innovative, visually striking and intellectually rigorous films ever made, an unprecedented use of the cinematic medium to portray the nature of human memory and how it profoundly speaks on a person’s existence.

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Tuesday 15 Aug 201720:15
The Odyssey image

The Odyssey

When Philippe returns from boarding school, he finds his father, the great Jacques Cousteau, greatly altered by fame and megalomaniac dreams. But on their greatest adventure together aboard the Calypso, in Antarctica, they will find each other – before tragedy strikes.

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Wednesday 23 Aug 201718:3020:45
The Other Side of Hope image

The Other Side of Hope

Khaled, a young Syrian refugee has lost virtually all of his family. Almost by accident, he drifts to Helsinki as a stowaway passenger on a collier to seek asylum without great hopes for his future life.

Wikström has just bought an unprofitable restaurant at the far end of an inner court along a back street in Helsinki.

When the authorities decide to return Khaled to the ruins of Aleppo he, just like many others, decides to stay illegally in the country and disappears into the streets of Helsinki before eventually being hired by Wikström as a cleaner and a dishwasher. Sardonic, droll, verging on the absurd, The Other Side of Hope is both a hilarious and a humane look at the migrant crisis.

“Combines poignancy with torrents of laughter” – Tim Robey, The Telegraph

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Wednesday 28 Jun 201718:3020:30
Thursday 29 Jun 201718:3020:30
The Red Turtle image

The Red Turtle (PG)

A Studio Ghibli produced animation where a man finds himself ship wrecked on a deserted island and encounters a red turtle which changes his life.

“It's a superb piece of work, beautiful and enigmatic.” - Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent

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Sunday 30 Jul 201715:00
The Return of the Pink Panther image

The Return of the Pink Panther (PG)

Nick Broomfield Presents

Inspector Clouseau is put on the case when the Pink Panther diamond is stolen, with the Phantom's trademark glove the only clue.

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Monday 14 Aug 201719:30
The Warrior image

The Warrior (12A)

BAFTA Debuts

The Warrior is the debut of documentary master Asif Kapadia. Before Senna and the Oscar-winning Amy, there was this sumptuous epic starring Bollywood royalty Irffan Khan (who also starred in The Lunchbox and The Life of Pi).

Gripped by a vision, Khan plays Lafcadia, a man torn between the path of peace and the path of war. From the deserts of Rajasthan to the snowy Himalayas, this is an astonishingly ambitious terrifically confident' (Guardian) debut feature that deserves to be discovered on the big screen in this new DCP transfer.

Lafcadia (Khan) is the leader of a group of warriors hired by a local lord to enforce his rule among the people. When he is ordered to punish a village that has failed to pay tribute, Lafcadia renounces his violent ways and sets off on a journey to the mountain village in which he was born. The lord then dispatches Biswas (Aino Annuddin), Lafcadia's second-in-command, to track-down the former warrior and punish his betrayal with death.

“A terrifically confident piece of film-making, a movie which hits such an exhilarating stride from the outset it is difficult to credit that this is Kapadia's first full-length venture.” - The Guardian

With the support of the BFI, awarding funds from The National Lottery, the Heritage Lottery Fund, Independent Cinema Office and Into Film.

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Tuesday 15 Aug 201718:30
The Wicked Lady image

The Wicked Lady (PG)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

After stealing her best friends fiancee, Barbara Worth becomes bored of married life and, attempting to pay back gambling debts, impersonates a highway man. However she soon finds the wicked way of life far too appealing. 

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Wednesday 23 Aug 201714:00
Titicut Follies image

Titicut Follies

Nick Broomfield Presents

The film is a stark and graphic portrayal of the conditions that existed at the State Prison for the Criminally Insane at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. The film documents the various ways the inmates are treated by the guards, social workers and psychiatrists. Interestingly the film was originally banned from release for reasons other than obscenity or national security.

"Titicut Follies is a documentary film that tells you more than you could possibly want to know — but no more than you should know — about life behind the walls of one of those institutions where we file and forget the criminal insane… A society’s treatment of the least of its citizens — and surely these are the least of ours — is perhaps the best measure of its civilization. The repulsive reality revealed in Titicut Follies forces us to contemplate our capacity for callousness." – Richard Schickel, Life

Acclaimed documentary filmmaker Nick Broomfield has picked 6 of his favourite films to screen as part of our summer programme. A fascinating insight into the influences on one of Britain’s most important living directors.

Find the full selection here.

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Monday 17 Jul 201719:30
Weekend (2011) image

Weekend (2011) (18)

Russell picks up Glen on a night out. But what he expected to be a one-night stand becomes something much more special, as they spend the next 48 hours together, in bedrooms and bars developing a connection that will resonate throughout their lives.

“Sexy, provocative, engrossing and occasionally ornery, it should appeal to anyone whose curiosity about someone new has provoked them to question their own identity.” - Time Out

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Tuesday 27 Jun 201720:30
Whitney: Can I Be Me image

Whitney: Can I Be Me (15)

From acclaimed director Nick Broomfield comes a new film about one of the greatest singers of all time. Whitney Houston was the epitome of a superstar, an "American Princess", the most awarded female artist ever.

Even though Whitney had made millions of dollars, had more consecutive number ones than The Beatles, and became recognized as having one of the greatest voices of all time, she still wasn’t free to be herself and died at just 48 years old. Made with largely never-seen before footage and exclusive live recordings, WHITNEY 'Can I Be Me' tells Whitney Houston’s incredible and poignant life story with insights from those closest to her.

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Wednesday 12 Jul 201718:3020:45
Thursday 13 Jul 201718:3020:45