Regent Street Cinema
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New Shorts: Funny S**t (15)

London Short Film Festival

A balm for the January blues. LSFF’s traditional opener of laughing matter returns and this year doesn’t disappoint for star power with Steve Oram (Sightseers), Harry Enfield and Isy Suttie (Peep Show) taking their turns on the big (short) screen. There’s Paul McCartney conspiracy theories to be gotten to the bottom of, jilted bridegrooms, ill-timed apparitions of chain-smoking mums and er, faces growing out of necks. 93’

THE 1ST, Mark Waites, UK, 13’

TAKING STOCK, Duncan Cowles, UK, 4’

SKETCH, Peter Lee Scott, UK, 12’

HOLY BEEF, Dwayne Gumbs/Iain Simpson, UK, 11’

PAUL IS DEAD, George Moore, UK, 14’

NECKFACE, Sian Harries/Jacqueline White, UK, 11’

CAPITAL, Freddy Syborn, UK, 15’

THE DIRECTOR, Kim Albright, UK, 13’

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Saturday 12 Jan 201921:15