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New Shorts International: Hostile World (18)

London Short Film Festival

From the lifelong trauma of experiencing an atomic bomb to the suffocating ubiquity of tabloid culture, this international selection looks to shine a light on the hostile, dangerous worlds we occupy - those interior and those waking nightmares, where standing up for injustice is inextricable from consequence or the pains and traumas you endure are perpetrated by those closest to you. 75’

THE ATOMIC SOLDIERS, Morgan Knibbe, US, 23

THE ORPHAN, Carolina Markowicz, Brazil, 16’

HUNTER, Ryoji Yamada, Japan, 9’

GAZE, Farnoosh Samadi, Iran, 14’

RAPAZ, Felipe Gálvez, Chile, 13’

Please note, this programme contains descriptions of trauma and scenes of assault.

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Wednesday 16 Jan 201919:00