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New Shorts: Hiding In Plain Sight image

New Shorts: Hiding In Plain Sight (15)

London Short Film Festival

These films look to visibility and resilience, to those refuting and those resigned to their obscurity and the ‘margins’ of an unhomely world. Wrestling back their senses of self from society,  these characters confront the difficulties of immigration, both past and present, the invisibility of aging and the internal conflict of body image. Watch out for Neil Maskell (Kill List) and Naomi Ackie (Lady Macbeth, Yardie). 98’

ASHMINA, Dekel Berenson, UK, 16’

SHORT CROSSING, Emile Ebrahim Kelly, UK, 11’

THE DANCE TEACHER, Dorothy Allen-Pickard, UK, 15’

DODGY DAVE, Charlotte Regan, UK, 8’

SEX ED, Alice Seabright, UK, 13’

STILL LIFE, Oscar Albert, UK, 3’

GIRL, Lowri Roberts, UK, 5’

THE ARRIVAL, Annetta Laufer, UK, 18’

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Wednesday 16 Jan 201921:00