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"Hey Baby, Smile For Me!" image

"Hey Baby, Smile For Me!" (15)

London Short Film Festival

In the wake of a tumultuous 2018, the #MeToo movement has at long last supplanted sexism into almost every public consciousness. Looking to the uneasy reality of how this shapes the very foundations of a woman’s day-to-day, T A P E present a programme turning focus to street harassment.

From the witty and subversive, to films of a more uncomfortable nature, we examine women’s vulnerability within public spaces, the body politics of occupying space, the male gaze as an exertion of power, why catcalling still happens and if there’s more we can be doing.

Films include work by Muriel D'Ansembourg, Connie Chavez, Kate Hardie, Kate Dolan, Kate Jessop, Connie Van, Jemima Read, Nathan Byron, as well as Buzzfeed virals.

Following the screening, a panel will discuss their own impressions and experiences, including Molly Ackhurst and Kelsey Mohamed of Hollaback, actress Tanya Fear (Catcalling 2.0) and T A P E’s Angie Moneke.

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Tuesday 15 Jan 201920:30
New Shorts International: Generation Gap image

New Shorts International: Generation Gap (18)

London Short Film Festival

In Sweden, a single thirty-something woman awkwardly regales her son of her taste for younger men, whilst across the globe a Pakistani teenager battles religious and marital tradition. These short films zoom in on the tempestuous and at times misguided relationship between generations, the differences between the carefree and the conservative, and the problems caused when the boundaries become blurred. 82’

TANGLES AND KNOTS, Renee Marie Petropoulos, Australia, 16’

STAY UPS, Joanna Rytel, Sweden, 11’

DRESSED FOR PLEASURE, Marie de Maricourt, Switzerland, 17’

ON THE WAY HOME, Mizuki Kiyama, Japan, 2’

BESIDA, Chuko Esiri, Nigeria, 12’

DIA, Hamza Bangash, Pakistan, 24’

Please note, this programme depicts sexual assault.

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Tuesday 15 Jan 201918:30