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Nasty Stuff: Basket Case (18)

London Short Film Festival

Curated by Prano Bailey-Bond, in association with Cigarette Burns Cinema

"...a low-budget effort that generates thrills and discomfort not only from its tale of symbiotic and separated Siamese twins, but from its authentic sense of place. New York City has never felt more delightfully and dangerously squalid." - John Kenneth Muir

As companion to her retrospective, Prano Bailey-Bond has plucked a personal favourite from the home video archive, screened on original 35mm for maximum scares. This 1982 low-budget horror was caught up in the UK’s Video Nasty scare seized by police for its similarity to other slashers even though originally passed for cinema release.

After a mysterious upstate New York killing, an innocent looking country boy moves into a sleazy hotel near Times Square clutching a wicker basket that contains Belial, the boy’s homicidal Siamese twin! The pair are seeking bloody revenge on the trio of doctors who separated them at birth.

Following the screening we welcome a panel to discuss the legacy of the Video Nasty era, including Carol Topolski (former BBFC examiner), Mike Hewitt (Arrow Films), author and horror critic Kim Newman and Prano Bailey-Bond herself, hosted by Josh Saco (Cigarette Burns Cinema).

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Friday 18 Jan 201920:30
Nasty Stuff: Prano Bailey-Bond image

Nasty Stuff: Prano Bailey-Bond (18)

London Short Film Festival

“Fear and how we react to it fascinates me. It says a lot about a person. Why do some people enjoy horror whilst others avoid it, entirely unable to handle it?”

Final girls, freak flags and feminist sensibilities. In association with Underwire Film Festival, we present a retrospective of the curious horrors of Prano Bailey-Bond.

A gal with a taste for gore, raised on Twin Peaks and old school video nasties, Bailey-Bond’s work calls upon an earlier era of lower fi, Mary Whitehouse-condemned slashers blended up with a touch of fairytale to build evocative worlds, deceptively dreamlike in their fusing of a dark cinematic vocabulary and eerie allure.

Announced as one of Screen International’s 2018 Stars of Tomorrow, Prano’s first video nasty-centric feature Censor is currently in the works. We’re excited to screen her preceding short films and showcase a formidable woman carving space in a genre all too sparse of them.

Prano will be in conversation with Anna Bogutskaya (Underwire) following the screening.

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Friday 18 Jan 201918:30