Regent Street Cinema
Raghu Rai, An Unframed Portrait image

Raghu Rai, An Unframed Portrait (18)

UK Asian Film Festival

Raghu Rai is known as the ‘father of Indian photography’, and the name is well deserved. In his 50-year-long career, he captured portraits of Indira Gandhi, Mother Theresa and the Dalai Lama, and documented disasters, street life, political events and powerful forces of nature. His works have become iconic. His daughter, Avani, joins her father on a photography trip to Kashmir, India’s gaping wound, and documents him as he merges with his subject until, in his words, he himself becomes the sensor. Through her own camera lens, Avani tries to (and succeeds in) understanding her father, who could never express feelings except through a camera. Photographing each other, they create a sensitive, vulnerable, warm and intimate dialogue that casts Rai’s impressive works, showcased throughout the film, in a personal light.

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Tuesday 2 Apr 201915:30