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The Blueblack Hussar

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An engrossing portrait of a true English original, The Blueblack Hussar is Jack Bond’s ride through the world of Adam Ant. The iconic pop star, who was perhaps the biggest music star on the planet during his halcyon days in the 1980s, disappeared completely from public life when he suffered a recurrence of the depression that has inflicted him since he was a young man. Sectioned and forcibly sedated, few would have anticipated his return from this particularly tortuous exile. Featuring the likes of Charlotte Rampling, Mark Ronson, Allen Jones, John Robb and Jamie Reynolds, this is a film exploring the road back for a unique British pop star, one still channeling his Highwayman/Prince Charming persona and who has, against all the odds, got himself back to playing to huge audiences once again, unapologetically and without compromise.  The Blueblack Hussar is a hugely enjoyable tribute to a great musical legend.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director Jack Bond hosted by Travis Elborough

“Splendidly eclectic and electrifying” - Radio Times

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Tuesday 30 Apr 201919:30