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Locusts (15)

London Australian Film Festival

European Premiere

The London Australian Film Festival presents the European premiere of Locusts, a taut outback thriller written and produced by Angus Watts, and directed by Heath Davis.

The familiar tale of a small-town homecoming is turned on its head when tech entrepreneur Ryan (Ben Geurens, Home and Away) returns from the city for his father’s funeral, and a long overdue reunion with his estranged brother.

But just when he thinks that all the skeletons of his past are finally buried, he finds himself the target of a gang of violent locals bent on extracting the money owed to them by his dead father.

Shot on location around Broken Hill in western New South Wales, Locusts hits the screen running with sweeping vistas and a cracking Australian soundtrack – a crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from the very start!

“ ...a tense, twisty, stylish noir featuring an A-list ensemble of Australian character actors at the top of their game....”

(Film Ink)

A student short film will precede the main feature. Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


If you loved Mystery Road or Jane Harper’s novel The Dry, this is the film for you. Fast and very furious!

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Saturday 29 Jun 201920:00