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Van Goghs (15)

Russian Film Week

Q&A with Sergey Livnev

Mark Ginzburg is a talented artist who is always depressed. He's 52, but personal and professional success has escaped him. Many years ago, Mark moved from his native Riga to Tel Aviv to get away from his oppressive father, Viktor, who still supports him financially. Victor Ginzburg is a famous conductor. His work is his life. He never cared about Mark's feelings and tried to mould his son in his own image. Their highs and lows turned long ago into a love-hate relationship. More hate than love. Viktor calls his son by his childhood nickname Birdie, which infuriates Mark. Mark calls his father Your Majesty, which infuriates the Viktor. After Viktor is diagnosed with a fatal illness, the father and son set off on a difficult journey that leads from hate to love.

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Friday 29 Nov 201921:00