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Parasite (15)

Brilliant class critique. The Kim family all live in a tiny basement flat and all four are unemployed. When the son gets a chance to bluff his way into a well-paid tutoring job, hopes of a regular income for all start to blossom.

Winner of the Palme d’Or, Bong Joon-ho reminds us that he is one of the world’s most exciting, talented and entertaining directors with the hilarious, scathing, thrilling and utterly unique Parasite.

"Bong is back and on brilliant form, but he is unmistakably, roaringly furious, and it registers because the target is so deserving, so enormous, so 2019: Parasite is a tick fat with the bitter blood of class rage.” - Variety

Oscar Winner

Best Picture

Best Director

Best Original Screenplay

Best International Film

2 BAFTA wins:

Best Original Screenplay

Best Film Not in the English Language

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