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Freud's Lost Lecture

CREAM Screen Presents:

Freud's Lost Lecture

Dream interpretations and re-imaginings in the films of Deborah Levy and Jane Thorburn, Daria Martin, Catherine Yass.

With a reading by Deborah Levy.

'If the birth of psychoanalysis offered methods to investigate the unconscious mind, there is no doubt that personal and political conflicts, and above all rage and hopelessness, continue to speak through the body in our own century.' Deborah Levy.

In Freud's Lost Lecture, the writer Deborah Levy imagines a lost lecture written by Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis, accompanied by the dream-like images of the film-maker Jane Thorburn.  In One of the Things that Makes Me Doubt (2010-11), artist Daria Martin returns to her late grandmothers dream diaries, spoken through the voices of the actors and collaborators of Martin's films. Catherine Yass' Waking Dream (2008) shares her dream recollections as video diary.

Deborah Levy will give a reading relating to Freud's Lost Lecture, and will be in conversation with Jane Thorburn and artist Catherine Yass about the legacy of Freud's dream analysis for creative reinterpretations of the unconscious mind.

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Wednesday 27 Feb 201918:30