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Stooge! Is a feature length documentary about Robert Partiger, Iggy Pop’s number 1 fan.  It covers the three years leading up to his 50thbirthday when he tries to track his hero down in a final absolution. His journey has taken him all over the world in search of redemption after years of struggling with addiction, of coping with depression and of celebrating the communal lust that is Rock’n’Roll.

After many years following Iggy & The Stooges on tour, Robert was ready to share his story with the world.  Needing a documentary film maker, he tracked down Madelaine Farley.  At first she resisted but he eventually wore her down and she conceded.  Having returned from years filming gorillas in Africa she reckoned that following Robert would be a breeze.  She was wrong.  Robert’s journey is a journey into the heart of darkness and light that is rock ‘n’ roll fandom.  He thought he was trying to get to know more about Iggy but he ended up getting to know more about himself.

Followed by a Q&A

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Sunday 24 Mar 201917:30