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The Little Comrade (PG)

Presented by Baltic View

One day, six-year-old Leelo’s school teacher mother is taken away by soldiers and the little girl has to find answers to a lot of questions on her own: why is the blue-black-white flag forbidden, what’s a traitor, why is a scary NKVD detective snooping around in their home and is being a Soviet Pioneer a thing of honor or shame? Through frequently tragicomic situations, Leelo tries to be as good a girl as she can in the two-faced, Stalinist world around her so that her mother will one day come back home.

The film is based on autobiographical novels by Leelo Tungal.

Followed by Q&A with Leelo Tungal.

Part of  London Book Fair's Book and Screen Week.

Proposed and supported by Embassy of Estonia.

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Sunday 17 Mar 201915:00