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A Dog's Way Home image

A Dog's Way Home (PG)

Kids Kino Club - tickets available from £3 for kids and £5 for accompanying adults.

As a puppy, Bella finds her way into the arms of Lucas, a young man who gives her a good home. When Bella becomes separated from Lucas, she soon finds herself on an epic 400-mile journey to reunite with her beloved owner

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Saturday 23 Mar 201911:30
Dead Poets Society image

Dead Poets Society (PG)

Psychology at the Movies

Several students have their thoughts on the learning process (and on life itself) changed when a new teacher, John Keating, tears chapters from their textbooks and asks his students to stand on their desks to see the world from a new angle.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion covering the themes and issues raised in the film, hosted by psychologist Bryan Bonaparte.

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Wednesday 27 Mar 201919:30
Don't Ask Me Questions: The Unsung Life of Graham Parker... image

Don't Ask Me Questions: The Unsung Life of Graham Parker... (15)

Soundscreen Festival

Graham Parker has recorded and performed non-stop for the last 45 years. Refusing to compromise, Graham marched to his own drum. Together with his passionately remembered band the Rumour, Graham was the inspiration for artists that followed him. But in the end he defied the movement that he helped spark. And when the music business continued to change beyond recognition, he remained true to his musical vision. A modern troubadour, Graham releases new music almost on a yearly basis, while touring small clubs around the country to a die-hard fan base.

THE TWIST: Graham, at 59 years old, has had a slight change of heart. He just may be ready to go commercial. Leaning on his publishing company to place his music in ads and TV shows Graham makes his last attempt at selling while not selling out. The film documents the history of his independent spirit and defiant optimism, celebrates the sincerity of his music and delights in his self-deprecating wit.

Followed by a Q&A with Graham Parker

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Saturday 23 Mar 201920:00
Let's Rock Again! image

Let's Rock Again! (15)

Soundscreen Festival

Let’s Rock Again!  Is a one-hour music documentary that follows rock icon Joe Strummer as he tours across America and Japan.  Strummer’s main objective is simple – to get his music out to the people and get his record to break even so that he can have another chance to rock again.  In his humble quest, we even see Joe handing out flyers on the boardwalk and making a cold-call visit to a New Jersey radio station in order to get his music on the air and fans to his gig.More importantly however, is the intimate portrait depicted.  This film was produced by Strummer and long-time friend Dick Rude and together they open the door to an exclusive view of the man never seen before.In 2002, the world lost Joe to a congenital heart condition.  Let’s Rock Again is his final message, a story about never giving up!

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Lucinda Tait  and Mescaleros’ Tymon Dogg

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Monday 25 Mar 201918:30
Maiden image

Maiden (12A)

Maiden is the inspirational story of how Tracy Edwards, a 24-year-old cook on charter boats, became the skipper of the first ever all-female crew to enter the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1989. Tracy’s dream was opposed on all sides: her male competitors thought an all-women crew would never make it, the chauvinistic yachting press took bets on her failure, and potential sponsors rejected her, fearing they would die at sea and generate bad publicity. But Tracy refused to give up: she re-mortgaged her home and bought a second-hand boat, putting everything on the line to ensure the team made it to the start line. 

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Thursday 28 Mar 201920:50
Malicious Damage - Killing Joke Live at the Astoria 11.10.03 image

Malicious Damage - Killing Joke Live at the Astoria 11.10.03 (15)

Soundscreen Festival

Filmed at London’s legendary Astoria venue, and the last performance from Paul Raven to be captured on film

This premiere screening of a special edit of the concert will be followed by a Q&A with Jaz Coleman.

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Tuesday 26 Mar 201920:30
Oil City Confidential - 10th Anniversary Screening image

Oil City Confidential - 10th Anniversary Screening (15)

Soundscreen Festival

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, Oil City Confidential is the award winning story of Dr Feelgood, four men in cheap suits who crashed out of Canvey Island in the early '70s, sandpapered the face of rock'n'roll, leaving all that came before a burnt-out ruin - four estuarine John-the-Baptists to Johnny Rotten's anti-Christ. Taking London by storm, they sped through Europe and conquered the UK with No 1 chart success, before imploding just as punk was born and America beckoned with open arms. Contributions from members of The Clash, Blondie and The Sex Pistols join Dr Feelgood with collaborators Jools Holland and Alison Moyet to tell the story of Canvey, '70s England and the greatest local band in the world.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A

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Saturday 23 Mar 201917:30
Room 37 - The Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders image

Room 37 - The Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders

Soundscreen Festival


Famed rock and roll guitarist Johnny Thunders arrives in New Orleans to get his life together after a toll of hardships, but instead falls into a dark journey and trail of events that are based on his real life unexplained mysterious death.

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Sunday 24 Mar 201917:30
STIV image

STIV (15)

Soundscreen Festival

The life and times of Stiv Bators, legendary frontman of the Dead Boys and The Lords of The New Church.

Followed by a Q&A with the film's director, Danny Garcia

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Sunday 24 Mar 201915:00
Sergeant York image

Sergeant York (U)

Matinee Classics - tickets available from £1.75

A marksman is drafted in WWII and ends up becoming one of the most celebrated heroes.

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Wednesday 27 Mar 201912:0015:30
Something Quite Peculiar: The Life and Times of Steve Kilbey image

Something Quite Peculiar: The Life and Times of Steve Kilbey (15)

Soundscreen Festival

The Church’s ‘Under The Milky Way’ is one of the great Australian anthems.  But for the man who wrote it, success became a portal into a world of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll that almost destoyed his life. This is the story of Steve Kilbey. By any metric Steve Kilbey, frontman of Oz rock pioneers The Church, has been one of Australia’s most prolific and influential musicians.  Over 40 years he’s released more that 750 songs across almost 50 albums, earning himself endless accolades and a place in the ARIA Hall of Fame.  But most people know him for his 1988 international hit, ‘Under The Milky Way’ – a self-described “accident”, which kickstarted a lost decade of heroin addiction and would eventually cost him and his family and almost his mind.

Followed by a Q&A with Steve Kilbey

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Friday 22 Mar 201920:30
Tales From Tin Pan Alley image

Tales From Tin Pan Alley (15)

Soundscreen Festival

The true 'unsung heroes' of Tin Pan Alley are the musicians, the songwriters, the music publishers, the Luthiers, the technicians and the people from behind-the-scenes who have come out of the woodwork, out of history and out of retirement to approach us. Individuals that would be very hard to find in any other circumstance have come forward from across the globe, saying, 'We want to be in this special documentary film!'  We have them here now. This is their story - a contemporary urban Canterbury Tale - a vital testament from over 30 musicians, broadcasters and historians.

In 2018 Tin Pan Alley's 110 year old music legacy is currently in peril due to ensuing gentrification, leading to upcoming penthouse flats, hotels, restaurants and a shopping mall. The legacy of those who worked in the street is our testament to Denmark Street's unique place in international cultural history. The struggle for those remaining, continues...

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Linda Lewis, Chas McDevitt and Drew Ellis

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Saturday 23 Mar 201915:00
The Philadelphia Story image

The Philadelphia Story (U)

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Tracy Lord (Katharine Hepburn) is the daughter of a wealthy family and about to marry for the second time. On the eve of her wedding, her ex-husband (Cary Grant) appears, with a tabloid reporter (James Stewart) by his side in an attempt to kill a character-damning news-story of her father. This evolves into a love triangle (or square) and Tracy is forced to take an unflinching look at herself to realise who she truly loves.

"Utterly beguiling, funny and romantic" - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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Sunday 24 Mar 201912:00
Waiting: The Van Duren Story image

Waiting: The Van Duren Story (15)

Soundscreen Festival

Managed by Andrew Loog Oldham (Rolling Stones) in the 1970’s, Memphis local ​Van Duren​ was tipped to be the next Paul McCartney, but instead faded into obscurity. Forty years later, two larrikin Australians come across the mysterious musician’s lost album and set out to discover what went wrong. They track Van Duren down on Facebook and, despite never having picked up a camera before, journey through the US to meet him.

Along the way they cross paths with rock stars, Scientologists, con men and a host of talented musicians who never quite made it. When they discover that Van doesn’t own his own music, the two friends make a vow not to give up until they can return the rights to Van, and finish the film.

Van Duren’s lost career is a parable of the trials and tribulations of the music industry - an industry that leaves countless broken dreamers behind in its wake. ​Waiting: the Van Duren Story ​is a love letter to the artist that should have helped to define a generation.

Followed by a Q&A with Van Duren & the film's director

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Friday 22 Mar 201918:30
When Pigs Fly image

When Pigs Fly (15)

Soundscreen Festival

A rare opportunity to see the Joe Strummer soundtracked ‘When Pigs Fly’ directed by Sara Driver and starring Marianne FaithfulMarty "Alfred Molina" is a jazz musician, always a precarious source of livelihood even for the best-known performers. In this film, he is just barely getting by, living on the outskirts of a run-down town populated by Irish immigrants. Though this might be called a highly successful life for a jazz musician, it is hardly satisfying. He hangs out a bar called The Rose of Sharon and is friends with its irrepressible barmaid, Sheila "Maggie O'Neill". When Sheila introduces Marty to the ghostly inhabitants of a rocking chair, they embark on a series of adventures that result in satisfaction for all concerned - except for the bar's owner, who killed one of the ghosts "Marianne Faithfull" when she was among the living

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Monday 25 Mar 201920:30
XTC - This Is Pop image

XTC - This Is Pop (15)

Soundscreen Festival

A film on one of Britain's best-loved and most influential bands of modern times, XTC. Emerging from the late 1970s punk and new wave explosion, XTC amassed a devoted following with hit singles Making Plans For Nigel, Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me), Senses Working Overtime, Dear God and Mayor Of Simpleton.

A colourful and vibrant journey into the world of XTC and their alter-ego band, The Dukes Of Stratosphear, the film includes newly filmed interviews with Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Dave Gregory and Terry Chambers. Through a mixture of animation, archive and specially-shot sequences, the film opens up the world of XTC and into the brilliant minds of principle songwriters, Messrs Partridge and Moulding.

Followed by a Q&A with co-director Charlie Thomas and XTC's Dave Gregory

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Sunday 24 Mar 201920:00
Youth - Sketch, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll image

Youth - Sketch, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll (15)

Soundscreen Festival

Youth – Sketch, Drugs & Rock N’ Roll is the portrait of a true artist, the story of an award winning producer known to his Mum as Martin, and to the rest of the world as, simply ‘Youth'.

A revealing and inspiring film directed by Paul Elliott and Sean Lamberth, who spent 18 months with full access to recording sessions, travelling alongside Youth in his VW camper van and talking to him while he painted and sketched. Youth’s story is told in his own words from his London Home and Studio. With new interviews from some of music's biggest names including Paul McCartney, David Gilmour, Boy George, Jaz Coleman, Guy Pratt, Alan McGee, Danny McNamara, Reverend & The Makers and Alex “The Orb” Paterson amongst others. The film is soundtracked with previously unreleased, original music by Youth and Killing Joke in Dub which keeps the film driving through a steady stream of anecdotes, smoke hazed rooms and studio sessions.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Youth himself

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Tuesday 26 Mar 201918:30