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Backtrack Boys (15)

London Australian Film Festival

London Premiere

The London Australian Film Festival presents the London premiere of Backtrack Boys, an inspiring and life-affirming documentary about wayward youth, the power of redemption and some amazing dogs.

Introduced by Dr Scott Miller (from More4's Vet on The Hill) & winner of the audience choice awards at both the Melbourne International and Sydney Film Festivals.

An uplifting story like no other. A group of boys, lost within a world that doesn’t care, are on a perilous course towards jail until they are taken under the wing of the soft talking, and highly insightful “jackaroo” farmer, Bernie Shakeshaft, who transforms their lives through learning to train the dogs of his prize-winning jumping team.

Filmed over two years, this observational documentary focuses on three boys at different stages of the programme. Bonds are developed and healing begins, but the risk of falling back into old habits is never far away.

This inspiring coming of age story reveals the challenges and triumphs these boys face as they try to find their place in the world, alongside the dogs that help tame their wild ways.

Roundly praised as one of the finest Australian documentaries of the past year, director Catherine Scott has woven a sensitive, deeply humanist narrative about connection, rehabilitation, and hope.

"an immensely powerful film…one of the finest documentaries of of the best Australian films of the year " – The Curb

The student short film Walk Like Them (Sydney Film School - d. Faraaz Rahman) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


Never heard of dog jumping – neither had we and, wow, are we now happy we have! This film will make you want to shout encouragement at the screen & your heart will sing with joy.

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Sunday 30 Jun 201914:00
Erskineville Kings image

Erskineville Kings (15)

London Australian Film Festival

20th Anniversary Screening

The London Australian Film Festival is thrilled to present the twentieth anniversary screening of Erskineville Kings. Long before Wolverine and The Greatest Showman, a charismatic young actor named Hugh Jackman burst onto Australian screens in this brilliant low-budget ensemble drama set in Sydney’s rough “inner-west” suburbs.

Introduced by film critic, Ed Gibbs

Sparks fly when Barky (Martin Dennis) returns home for his father’s funeral, and a reunion with his estranged brother Wace (Jackman). Old wounds are reopened and home truths emerge, as Barky and Wace do battle over their chequered past, and the legacies of their abusive single father.

Don’t miss this extremely rare chance to catch the film on the big screen as it celebrates its twentieth anniversary with a new digital print specially created for this screening.

“Gritty urban drama…extremely fine camerawork and strong ensemble performances” – David Stratton (Variety)

The student short film Holden (VCA - d. Mark Lasky) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


One of those brilliant lost gems of the Australian film canon – we're so happy to be able to dust it off and give it the spotlight it deserves.

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Sunday 30 Jun 201917:00
Film Quiz image

Film Quiz (PG)

Join us for our film quiz, taking place in the cinema bar, running from 7pm-9pm (approx).

Tickets are £3 per person, cash collected on the night, with a maximum of 4 to a team.

Reserve your place by booking one of these 'free' tickets

An array of prizes will be on offer.

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Tuesday 2 Jul 201919:00
Ghosthunter image

Ghosthunter (15)

London Australian Film Festival

London Premiere

The London Australian Film Festival presents the London premiere of Ghosthunter, a remarkable documentary about one man’s struggle to come to terms with his past.

Shot over seven years, the film follows Jason King, a part-time ghostbuster desperately searching for answers about a childhood lost in a haze of half-memories.

What begins as a light-hearted portrait of a man helping others to banish bad spirits from their homes, soon unravels into a real-life horror story, as Jason is forced to confront his own ghosts, both past and present.

Documentarian Ben Lawrence has landed on something special for his feature debut, crafting a haunting and heart-breaking film with more twists and turns than a Hollywood blockbuster, and proving yet again that truth really is stranger than fiction.

"Ben Lawrence’s debut documentary is simply remarkable...a breathtaking achievement."

- Paul Byrnes (Sydney Morning Herald)

The student short film Hunt For Eagle Rock (Swinburne - d. Thomas Gruevski) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


One of the best documentaries we’ve watched for years. So very surprising, moving and a must watch.

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Friday 28 Jun 201921:00
Go Back and Get it: Seeking Sankofa image

Go Back and Get it: Seeking Sankofa

Presented by CREAM Screen

In the Akan language of Ghana the word Sankofa acts as an everyday instruction to 'go back and get it', when something has been forgotten and left behind. But it is also a powerful word to trigger memories, both personal and collective, where the past can be found in the present. It has found many interpretations in film, literature, art and song, such as LA Rebellion film-maker Haile Gerima's 1993 film Sankofa. The Creating Interference network, in association with CREAM, explores the resonances of this potent word in a programme of contemporary and archival film and video works. Led by the artist Barby Asante and film-maker, curator and DJ Rabz Lansiquot, this evening of films and discussion rethinks Sankofa as a social, collaborative, transformative process of interruption and disruption.

The Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) is recognised as the UK's leading centre for research in visual and media arts, design and music. We are based in the University of Westminster’s College of Design, Creative and Digital Industries.

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Friday 28 Jun 201918:30
Liam: As It Was image

Liam: As It Was (15)

The story of how one of the most electrifying rock’n’roll frontmen went from the dizzying heights of Oasis to living on the edge, ostracised and and lost, before finding himself through song writing and the love of a no nonsense woman.

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Tuesday 2 Jul 201918:3020:20
Locusts image

Locusts (15)

London Australian Film Festival

European Premiere

The London Australian Film Festival presents the European premiere of Locusts, a taut outback thriller written and produced by Angus Watts, and directed by Heath Davis.

The familiar tale of a small-town homecoming is turned on its head when tech entrepreneur Ryan (Ben Geurens, Home and Away) returns from the city for his father’s funeral, and a long overdue reunion with his estranged brother.

But just when he thinks that all the skeletons of his past are finally buried, he finds himself the target of a gang of violent locals bent on extracting the money owed to them by his dead father.

Shot on location around Broken Hill in western New South Wales, Locusts hits the screen running with sweeping vistas and a cracking Australian soundtrack – a crime thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat from the very start!

“ ...a tense, twisty, stylish noir featuring an A-list ensemble of Australian character actors at the top of their game....”

(Film Ink)

The student short film You Bet Her Sweet Life I Will (Swinburne - d. Jamie Barry) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


If you loved Mystery Road or Jane Harper’s novel The Dry, this is the film for you. Fast and very furious!

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Saturday 29 Jun 201920:00
My Brilliant Career image

My Brilliant Career (U)

London Australian Film Festival

40th Anniversary Screening

The London Australian Film Festival are proud to present a special 40th anniversary screening of Gillian Armstrong’s (Oscar & Lucinda) masterful feature debut, which has been stunningly restored by Australia's National Film and Sound Archive.

A free-spirited young woman growing up in late 19th century Australia, Sybylla (Judy Davis, Passage to India, The Dressmaker) is determined to be a writer, and dreams of a life beyond her family’s quiet country farm.

Sent to board with her grandmother and learn proper manners and behaviour, she finds herself falling for well-to-do childhood friend Harry Beecham (Sam Neill, Jurassic Park). Resisting both his charm and various efforts to force her into conforming to gender expectations, Sybylla is determined to ignore her heart & stay on her own path.


Produced by Margaret Fink and adapted for the screen by Eleanor Witcombe (from Miles Franklin's classic semi-autobiographical novel), and providing breakthrough roles for Davis and Neill, this landmark of Australian cinema traces the burgeoning career of a woman who bucked all the conventions to become one of Australia’s most respected authors.

“a powerful rumination on atavistic Australia, sexism and classism, and a sensitive portrait of a woman destined to think outside the box.” – Luke Buckmaster (Guardian)

The student short film Boo and the Upstairs Man (VCA - d. Marcus Matthews) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


After revisiting this film, we’re sure you’ll agree it’s not hard to see why its two lead actors have had such amazing careers & why this film set Cannes abuzz at its debut – Davis & Neill absolutely fizz off the screen thanks to Gillian Armstrong’s amazing direction.

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Saturday 29 Jun 201914:00
Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups image

Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups (U)

Kids Kino Club - tickets just £3 for kids and £5 for accompanying adults

When their latest scheme goes awry, Mayor Humdinger and his nephew Harold accidentally divert a meteor towards Adventure Bay. The PAW Patrol clear the beach, and the meteor lands bathing them, the Lookout Tower and even sneaky Harold in the meteor’s golden energy - granting them SUPERPOWERS. Harold tries to use his new powers to become the sole ruler of Adventure Bay, but standing in his way are the heroic MIGHTY PUPS, on a roll to super-save the day.

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Saturday 29 Jun 201911:30
Reaching Distance image

Reaching Distance (15)

London Australian Film Festival

London Premiere + Q&A + drinks reception

The London Australian Film Festival is proud to present the London premiere of Reaching Distance, the feature debut of writer/director David Fairhurst and our opening gala screening.


Struggling in the aftermath of a car accident that killed his twin sister, Logan (Wade Briggs, Please Like Me) – a cynic with a photographic memory – wakes to find himself on the same night bus as Martin (Matt Day, Muriel’s Wedding), the banker he holds responsible for his sister’s death.

His vengeance is repeatedly thwarted by increasingly strange interactions with the other passengers, including an inquisitive nurse, her jealous boyfriend, two bickering teenagers and an unhinged homeless man. As things take a turn for the bizarre, the line between past and present fractures.

Taut and whip-smart, Groundhog Day & Memento have nothing on this mind-bending thriller, which pitches an unstable man against his own faulty memory and a graffiti-strewn bus full of (not quite) strangers. Low budget but high concept, this is Australian genre filmmaking at its finest.

Ticket price includes a free drink reception.

The student short film 2004: A Suburban Odyssey (VCA - d. Asher Karahasan) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only

"Punchy and compelling, Reaching Distance is a smart, inventive slice of local genre filmmaking." - FilmInk


Keep a close eye on the director and lead actor – these guys are sensational & this is bound to be the springboard for two very exciting & successful careers.

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Thursday 27 Jun 201919:30
Rocketman image

Rocketman (15)

Lavish, entertaining, well made musical drama based on the life and career of songwriter and musician Elton John which packs a punch and finds emotion in all the right places.

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Monday 1 Jul 201918:3020:55
Storm Boy image

Storm Boy (12A)

London Australian Film Festival

UK Premiere

The London Australian Film Festival is proud to present the European premiere of Storm Boy, a timely reworking of a beloved family classic of Australian film and literature.

Michael Kingley (Geoffey Rush, The King’s Speech), is thrown out of his malaise by the passionate rebellion of his politically aware and environmentally passionate granddaughter, Madeline (Morgana Davies, The Hunter).

Sparking memories of his own childhood (Finn Little beautifully debuts as a young Michael), he captivates Madeline as he recounts an isolated but idyllic childhood spent on South Australia’s iconic wild coast of the Coorong with his father Hideaway Tom (Jai Courtney, Suicide Squad).

Recalling when their peaceful existence was threatened by plans to turn the nature reserve into a hunting ground, he draws his granddaughter into his tale – how the young Michael develops a close connection to country via a local Aboriginal man Fingerbone Bill (Trevor Jamieson, Cleverman) and how a rescued pelican named Mr Percival utterly changed his life forever.

Driven by a strong contemporary environmental message, but undercut with a pitch-perfect hit of 1950s nostalgia, this is a film to charm the whole family.

“The tale of a boy and his pelican best friend remains as tender and touching as ever” – Sarah Ward (Screen Daily)  

The student short film Oversea (VCA - d. Helen He) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


We were SO nervous about this film – Storm Boy is one of our all-time favourite films from the 1970s. But never fear, this is a wonderful remake. Keep your eyes peeled for a cameo from the original Fingerbone Bill, David Gulpilil.

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Sunday 30 Jun 201911:00
Suburban Wildlife image

Suburban Wildlife (15)

London Australian Film Festival

European Premiere

The London Australian Film Festival draws to a close with the European premiere of indie drama Suburban Wildlife, with the closing gala screening followed by a Q&A with debut writer-director Imogen McCluskey.

Fresh from 2 sell-out screenings at the Sydney Film Festival a couple of weekends ago, Suburban Wildlife has just been named as that festival's second runner up in the Audience Choice award. All ticket holders will receive a free glass of wine and a new book by an Australian author.

Four friends must navigate new beginnings and impending adulthood in this bold and imaginative coming-of-age drama. Louise, Nina and Alice celebrate their recent graduation with hectic partying, alongside Kane, the only friend not to attend university.

But when Louise’s imminent departure for London causes tension within the group, they embark on a road trip to savour their final days together.

Produced for a miniscule $5000, but without scrimping on quality, Suburban Wildlife is packed with raw honesty, dreamy flights of fancy, and outstanding performances from a young cast.

This ambitious indie is the debut feature of writer-director McCluskey, and we are delighted that she is able to join us after the screening for the Closing Gala Q&A.

"The dreamy malaise of a suburban adolescence comes to life in a new micro-budget Australian indie." - Film Ink

The student short film My First Kiss (VCA - d. Panfred Reed) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


Every year we choose a directorial debut to close our festival. Imogen’s fabulous feature film shone out from all the rest. These kids are the talent of our future cinema – watch this space!

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Sunday 30 Jun 201920:00
Top End Wedding image

Top End Wedding (15)

London Australian Film Festival

London Premiere

Hot on the heels of its European debut at Edinburgh International Film Festival & having just turned over $5 million at the Australian box office, the London Australian Film Festival is proud to present the London premiere of Top End Wedding, a heartwarming home-grown romantic comedy.

Having swapped the quiet life in the farthest north, or “top end”, of Australia for an exciting law career in bustling Adelaide, Lauren (Miranda Tapsell, The Sapphires) is a young indigenous trailblazer and not one to bend to conventions. So, when her white fiancé Ned (Gwilym Lee, Bohemian Rhapsody) manages to convince her to marry him (no mean feat) they decide to head north for the wedding of a lifetime in some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery.

Arriving in Darwin to find that her mum has gone missing, Lauren must drop everything and hit the road to reunite with her in time for the wedding, and, in so doing, reconnect with her heritage.

Shot on location in Darwin, Katherine, Kakadu and the Tiwi Islands, the natural beauty of the Northern Territory shines through in this film, co-written and co-produced by Tapsell, and directed by Wayne Blair (The Sapphires).

“A warm mix of finding connections to family and traditions while celebrating new love” – Eye For Film

The student short film Firekeepers of Kakadu (UWE Bristol/BBC) will precede the main feature.

Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale – cash only


This film is a total delight! Warm & witty, it’s a modern indigenous tale full of heart and humour, which sees the team behind The Sapphires reuniting to deliver a knockout wedding comedy like no other.

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Saturday 29 Jun 201917:00
Woman at War image

Woman at War

Halla is an environmental activist and a one-woman wrecking crew, using sabotage to disrupt the multinational companies trying to destroy her beloved Iceland. But just as things are really taking off, she gets some unexpected news that will turn her life upside down.

“Is there anything rarer than an intelligent feel-good film that knows how to tackle urgent global issues with humour as well as a satisfying sense of justice?” - Variety

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Wednesday 26 Jun 201918:3020:45
straight 8 shootout cannes 2019 image

straight 8 shootout cannes 2019

straight 8, the global one-super-8-cartridge-no-editing film competition from London, brings its latest reel of 15 x 2.5 minute in camera-edited mini movie masterpieces home to London’s oldest cinema screen after their premiere at the Cannes Advertising Festival.

See what 15 diverse creative companies made competing for charity with straight 8’s rules.    

More info at

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Friday 28 Jun 201909:30