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Dark Lies The Island (15)

Irish Film Festival London

UK Premiere

Extra Features: director and cast Q&A | short film

If you’re going to get involved with men in the town of Dromord, they might as well be Mannions... and Sara is involved with them up to her neck. She is married to Daddy Mannion who is more than 20 years her senior and runs the town. But her first love is his estranged son, Doggy Mannion, a criminal recluse living in the woods outside the town. Then there is the younger brother: Martin Mannion, a small-town lothario and failed chicken farmer. Yes, Sara is involved with him too. As a result of this tangled erotic web, jealousy is rife in Dromord, and it's flinging out spears in all directions. The Mannion men have been set at each other; their long truce cannot hold. Serious violence is threatened. Will we get through the next few days without bloodshed?

Screening with

When to Fold 'Em

12mins Dir: Peter Harris

Two gangsters hunting down the loot of a robbery find that nothing goes to plan.


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Friday 22 Nov 201920:00
Irish Short Films: A Haon image

Irish Short Films: A Haon

Irish Film Festival London

A collection of seven of the latest Irish short films from emerging and well-known filmmakers and animators, including Kev Cahill, Aidan McAteer, Emma Wall, Ryan Scura, Dylan Ladds, Robin Lochmann, Arjun Rose, Adam H Stewart, Laura Whitmore, and Irish Film London patron Moe Dunford.


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Streets of Fury

Directed by Aidan McAteer. In this striking animated short, violent hero Max Punchface gets trapped in an alien world with only some friendly sheep for company/punch practice.


Directed by Emma Wall. Starring IFFL Patron Moe Dunford, and set in 1978, Pat tells the story of a music lover from rural Ireland, who keeps in touch with her son in New York through the only phone box in the village.

Coming Home - Ag Teacht Abhaile

Directed by Ryan Scura & Dylan Ladds. Paddy O'Leary returns home from San Francisco to take on the fastest known time on the self-navigated 115 kilometre Wicklow Round, and to rediscover his home through the lens of running.


Directed by Robin Lochmann. A son, banished from his village for refusing to worship a false idol, bears witness to the brewing conflict beyond that may likely destroy civilisation itself.


Directed by Arjun Rose. Young mother Claire struggles to keep her life together while attempting to present a mask of strength against the judgement of the outside world. But she hides a heart-breaking secret.

More Than God

Directed by Kev Cahill. While attempting to uncover his wife's suspected affair, a devout doctor instead finds himself torn between his religion, the boundaries of love, and his professional obligations.

Abe’s Story

Directed by Adam H Stewart. An animated tale about an overworked Irish writer who draws inspiration from his day job in the theatre to write a bloody brilliant novel.

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Friday 22 Nov 201918:00