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Cumar: A Galway Rhapsody image

Cumar: A Galway Rhapsody (PG)

Irish Film Festival London

UK Premiere

Followed by a Q&A with the director and contributors

Plus a drinks reception, celebrating Galway 2020, European Capital of Culture from 7pm

Six locally-based artists from different disciplines reflect on what makes Galway such a draw for those with artistic sensibilities and talent. A piece of art in itself, the film flows between the visual and aural beauty of Galway, with English and Gaeilge commentary from the artists as they talk about what inspires and challenges them in this complex place. Whether it's geography or history or something more ethereal, this place on the edge of the Atlantic, where rivers and sea collide, has long inspired writers, musicians, visual artists, actors, theatre makers, singers and comedians. Director, Aodh Ó Coileáin has made a love song to Galway that does not shy away from how painful love can be at times.


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Sunday 24 Nov 201919:30
Irish Short Films: A Dó image

Irish Short Films: A Dó

Irish Film Festival London

Our second of two collections of the latest Irish short films and animations from emerging and well-known filmmakers, including Jack Hickey, Harry Lee, Michael-David McKernan, Carol Freeman, Tristan Heanue, Stuart Douglas, Olivia McLaughlin, Siobhán Kavanagh, and Irish Film London patron Moe Dunford.

Afterwards join us in the bar from 7pm for a drinks reception celebrating Galway 2020, European Capital of Culture, before our final screening of the 2019 festival!


The Colin Farrell (Festival Pass) - £75

• Entry to all ten events, plus a free IFL tote bag & t-shirt.

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Directed by Jack Hickey. Over the course of a fraught evening Cynthia navigates her once familiar circle of friends and comes to realise some bridges can’t be mended, and things are said that cannot be taken back.

Hearts & Crafts

Directed by Harry Lee. A heart-warming romantic short film about a pair of 10-year-olds, Oscar and Aimee, as they navigate the soaring highs and confusing lows of their first relationship.


Directed by Michael-David McKernan. A lonely taxi driver takes drastic action to protect a passenger from heartbreak.

The Bird & The Whale

Directed by Carol Freeman. A paint-on-glass short made up of over 4300 paintings about a young whale, lost at sea, struggling to find his voice, with the help of a caged songbird he rescued from a shipwreck.

Ciúnas (Silence)

Directed by Tristan Heanue. A couple embark on a journey in the midst of a family crisis.

Synopsis in Irish: Tosaíonn lánúin ar thuras i measc géarchéime teaghlaigh.

Cúl An Tí (The Back Of The House)

Directed by Stuart Douglas. An emotional story of grief, memory and mortality, which depicts a family struggling to come to terms with its painful past.

The Dressmaker

Directed by Olivia McLaughlin. In 1950s Ireland, 12 year old Thomas is caught between the pressure to follow his father's footsteps as a tailor, or to pursue his passion of dressmaking.

Saving Grace

Directed by Siobhán Kavanagh. After Grace's husband dies, their once thriving music venue becomes silent and now only frequented by two friends. They are forced out of this rut when they face losing one of the trio.

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Sunday 24 Nov 201917:30
Monos image

Monos (15)

On a remote mountaintop, a rebel group of commandos perform military training exercises while watching over a prisoner (Julianne Nicholson) for a shadowy force known only as ‘The Organization’. After a series of unexpected events drives them deep into the jungle, fracturing their intricate   bond,  their mission slowly begins to collapse.Set against a stunningly beautiful but dangerous landscape, Alejandro Landes’ awe-inspiring film is a breathtakingly epic vision that will leave you both mesmerised and utterly gripped

"Mesmerising. A powerful new voice in cinema" - Guillermo Del Toro

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Sunday 24 Nov 201913:0015:15