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Aguirre: Wrath of God image

Aguirre: Wrath of God (PG)

Soul Jazz Records Cinema Club

Soul Jazz Records presents a rare one-off screening of Aguirre, Wrath of God, Werner Herzog’s seminal classic 1973 film – a tense and exciting dramatic adventure story of Colonialism, madness and obsession, a fantastically flawed and fatal 16th century Spanish expedition deep into the jungles of the Amazon in search of the mythical land of gold known as El Dorado.

The power of Werner Herzog’s film is portrayed fantastically by the actor Klaus Kinski playing a Machiavellian and obsessional soldier. Kinski plays the part at the height of his powers. Herzog and Kinski would later revisit this theme of insanity and adventure once more in 1982 with the film Fitzcaraldo. Similarly important is the stunning soundtrack by Popul Vuh, the German rock group led by Florian Fricke, who worked in collaboration with Herzog on many films. The score successfully portrays the dramatic tension and beauty of the film through with some of the most beautiful and powerful music ever seen on screen.

The story is based on the diary of a Monk named Gaspar de Carvajal – the only document of this tragic tale. Herzog’s Aguirre, Wrath of God was one in a series of stunning films that he made throughout the 1970s establishing as one of the most unique voices in cinema. French filmmaker François Truffaut called Herzog ‘the most important film director alive.’ In the 2000s Herzog moved from Germany to the USA continuing to direct films including Bad Lieutenant (with Nicolas Cage) and acting (including the film Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise and appearing in The Simpsons!).

The film will be introduced by Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records).

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Friday 24 Jan 202019:30
Baby Face image

Baby Face (18)

Pre-Code at Regent St.

A young woman, sexually exploited all her life, decides to turn the tables and exploit the hapless men at a big city bank - by gleefully sleeping her way to the top.

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Sunday 26 Jan 202016:30
Cattle Hill image

Cattle Hill (U)

Kids Kino Club

Tickets just £3 for kids and £5 for accompanying adults

A young calf dreams of beginning a big star and goes to stay with her cow dad on his farm to achieve her goal. A heartwarming story of friendship and dreams.

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Saturday 25 Jan 202011:30
Eat / Restaurant  image

Eat / Restaurant (15)

The Photographers' Gallery

To coincide with the current exhibition Feast for the Eyes at The Photographers’ Gallery, join us for a unique screening of Andy Warhol’s Eat (1963) and Restaurant (aka L'Avventura) (1965). The former captures the simple act of a man eating mushrooms in a one-man show starring Robert Indiana in a single 35-minute shot. Restaurant, on the other hand, is a moving still life, opening with a tight shot of a chequered tablecloth. With off camera conversations and the appearance of Warhol superstars like Edie Sedgwick, this 34-minute film documents a staged dinner in a New York restaurant.

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Thursday 23 Jan 202019:30
Honey Boy image

Honey Boy (15)

Shia LaBeouf stars as a fictionalised version of his own father in the story of the young actor's stormy childhood and early adult years.

"a fluent, heartfelt, tightly structured and well acted personal story starring Shia LaBeouf, who reportedly drafted the script in rehab" - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

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Tuesday 21 Jan 202018:30
Inherit the Wind image

Inherit the Wind (U)

Matinee Classics

Tickets just £1.75 for the over 55's

Based on a real-life case in 1925, two lawyers argue the case for and against, a science teacher accused of the crime of teaching evolution.

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Wednesday 22 Jan 202012:0015:30
La Dolce Vita image

La Dolce Vita (12A)

Federico Fellini’s exquisite tale of celebrity casts an adoring yet critical eye towards post-war Rome. Set over seven decadent days, the film follows Marcello Mastroianni’s philandering journalist, pursuing a happiness that’s always just out of reach.

A new 4K restoration marks the film’s 60th anniversary and screens as part of the official 2020 celebrations for the centenary of Federico Fellini.

“Probably the greatest film ever made” - Nicolas Winding Refn

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Saturday 25 Jan 202014:30
Sunday 26 Jan 202019:00
Lawrence Of Belgravia + Q&A image

Lawrence Of Belgravia + Q&A (15)

Heavenly Films Present...

Lawrence of Belgravia

As the lead singer with Felt, Lawrence was responsible for some of the most precious music of the 1980s before going on to form the much-admired Denim and Go Kart Mozart. An artist of rare talents but left dreaming about fame and riding in limousines, Lawrence Of Belgravia, a labour of love that took eight years to complete, offers an intimate portrait of an unsung pop genius.

The film will be followed by a Q&A session with Lawrence himself hosted by Travis Elborough.

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Wednesday 22 Jan 202019:30
Letter From an Unknown Woman image

Letter From an Unknown Woman (U)

Academy at Regent St.

One of cinema’s most achingly poignant romances, based on Stefan Zweig’s novella set in fin de siècle Vienna. About to leave the city in order to avoid a duel, concert pianist Stefan Brand receives a letter from a woman he can no longer remember. A wry meditation on memory and misplaced desire.

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Sunday 26 Jan 202014:30
Ronnie Wood: Somebody Up There Likes Me image

Ronnie Wood: Somebody Up There Likes Me (15)

Mike Figgis's enthralling documentary about the turbulent life and career of Ronnie Wood, legendary rock guitarist and long-time member of The Rolling Stones.

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Monday 20 Jan 202020:30
The Australian Dream image

The Australian Dream (15)

London Australian Film Society

The London Australian Film Society returns for their annual Australia Day event, presenting a double bill of a 90-minute programme of short films (curated by the New York group, Australian Short Film Today), and a feature documentary that recently sold out three sessions at the BFI London Film Festival, and four screenings at Melbourne International Film Festival: The Australian Dream

Evening Running Order

6:10pm – Doors open – Australian snacks and lollies (sweets) on sale

6:30pm – introduction from LAFS team & Australian Short Film Today 90-minute programme

8:10pm – drinks reception

8:30pm – The Australian Dream (106 min) + panel discussion


See the Rising Stars of Australian Short Film.

Australian Short Film Today is an international traveling roadshow featuring award-winning Australian short films. This year’s 90-minute selection includes Academy Award eligible Judas Collar which won best short film and best director at St Kilda Film Festival and the jury award at Austin Film Festival. Also included is the mysterious Nursery Rhymes, nominated for best narrative short at AACTA; a tender look at twin sisters in An Act of Love, the Australia Directors’ Guild winner; the poignant High School Lover which premiered at Flickerfest; a cyber take on love with A Quick Love Story which had its global premiere at Australian Short Film Today in New York; and a ringer from New Zealand, Fire in Cardboard City, an animated disaster movie that premiered at Tribeca Film Festival.

Followed by a drinks reception.


 Featuring prominent Indigenous Australians Adam Goodes and Stan Grant, this brilliant documentary offers an in-depth exploration of events that polarised a nation. Pulling together exclusive interviews with Goodes, and key people from the time, this is the perfect companion to The Final Quarter, which LAFS screened to a sell-out crowd in October. This screening will again be followed by an in-depth panel discussion – details to be announced soon.

In the final three years of his playing career, Goodes was named Australian of the Year, publicly called out racism, and celebrated a goal by performing an on-field Indigenous war dance, similar to the Māori haka. He quickly emerged as a champion for the Australian Indigenous community, intent on helping to heal the divide that has dogged Australia since European colonisation. But after he had a young supporter of a rival team ejected from the arena for racial abuse, the cheers very quickly turned to jeers as football crowds turned on him. The searing press attention that followed only fuelled the fire, and he eventually walked away from the game without any of the fanfare he deserved.

Picking up the Goodes story where The Final Quarter left off, The Australian Dream is a rare and powerful first-hand insight into the effects of racism in sport and across wider society. Critics and audiences alike agree – this is a film not to be missed! The London Australian Film Society recognises that January 26 represents a day of mourning for many Indigenous Australians, and always hold our Australia Day screenings on an alternate date.

Followed by a panel discussion

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Saturday 25 Jan 202018:30
The Wild Goose Lake image

The Wild Goose Lake (18)

Chinese Visual Festival

Chinese New Year Special Screening

Diao Yinan (Black Coal, Thin Ice) returns with The Wild Goose Lake, a sumptuously shot crime drama which screened in competition at the Cannes Film Festival in 2019. This exhilarating, moody neo-noir follows a gang leader (Hu Ge) and a mysterious girl (Gwei Lun Mei) whose paths intertwine as they are both running away from their past, in search of freedom and redemption.

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Tuesday 21 Jan 202020:30