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Aguirre: Wrath of God (PG)

Soul Jazz Records Cinema Club

Soul Jazz Records presents a rare one-off screening of Aguirre, Wrath of God, Werner Herzog’s seminal classic 1973 film – a tense and exciting dramatic adventure story of Colonialism, madness and obsession, a fantastically flawed and fatal 16th century Spanish expedition deep into the jungles of the Amazon in search of the mythical land of gold known as El Dorado.

The power of Werner Herzog’s film is portrayed fantastically by the actor Klaus Kinski playing a Machiavellian and obsessional soldier. Kinski plays the part at the height of his powers. Herzog and Kinski would later revisit this theme of insanity and adventure once more in 1982 with the film Fitzcaraldo. Similarly important is the stunning soundtrack by Popul Vuh, the German rock group led by Florian Fricke, who worked in collaboration with Herzog on many films. The score successfully portrays the dramatic tension and beauty of the film through with some of the most beautiful and powerful music ever seen on screen.

The story is based on the diary of a Monk named Gaspar de Carvajal – the only document of this tragic tale. Herzog’s Aguirre, Wrath of God was one in a series of stunning films that he made throughout the 1970s establishing as one of the most unique voices in cinema. French filmmaker François Truffaut called Herzog ‘the most important film director alive.’ In the 2000s Herzog moved from Germany to the USA continuing to direct films including Bad Lieutenant (with Nicolas Cage) and acting (including the film Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise and appearing in The Simpsons!).

The film will be introduced by Stuart Baker (Soul Jazz Records) and Soul Jazz Records DJs will also be playing sets in the bar before and after the screening.

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