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Dark Waters (12A)

Dark Waters tells the shocking and heroic true story of  attorney Rob Bilott (Mark Ruffalo) who risks his career and family to uncover a dark secret hidden by one of the world’s largest corporations and to bring justice to a community dangerously exposed for decades to deadly chemicals.

“the first corporate thriller that's a call to action because you'll emerge from it feeling anything but safe.” - Variety

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Tuesday 7 Apr 202018:15 (Closed)20:45 (Closed)
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Midnight Family (15)

The Ochoa family runs a for-profit ambulance in Mexico City, competing with other EMTs for patients in need of urgent help. While making a living in this cutthroat industry, they struggle to keep their financial needs from jeopardizing the people in their care. When a crackdown by corrupt police forces into questionable practices, Midnight Family explores urgent questions around healthcare, the failings of government and the complexity of personal responsibility.

“Portraits of institutional dysfunction don't come much more urgent, and quietly bleak, than this...” - Variety

This film contains a sequence of flashing lights which might affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.

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Wednesday 8 Apr 202020:30 (Closed)
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The Glenn Miller Story (U)

Matinee Classics

Tickets just £1.75 for the over-55s

Wonderful biography of band leader Glenn Miller from his beginnings to his death over the English Channel in 1944.

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Wednesday 8 Apr 202012:00 (Closed)15:30 (Closed)